Bill Nye Saves the World Series Debunked

Part 1 of 13:

Season 1, Episode 1 - Earth Is a Hot Mess

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By: Shawn Alli
Posted: May 31, 2017

Bill Nye Saves the World Season 1 Episode 1 – Earth Is a Hot Mess

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*Disclosure: I am a climate denier, albeit a more rational one.


*Disclosure: I am NOT funded by any oil, natural gas or coal corporations. I am NOT funded by any private interest groups (NGOs, foundations or political entities).


Let's start with admiration. Bill Nye is a tireless advocate for science and deserves respect for his efforts to get children more involved with it. That's excellent. However, his support for the skeptic movement is problematic. Aside from the sexism (similar to the atheist movement), the skeptic movement supports ideological dogmatic science. And anything that questions that dogmatism is vehemently crushed.


Prior to Nye's experiment, we hear oohs and ahhs from the audience. Let's pretend that these garbage sounds don't exist and stick to criticism of the issues. Nye heats up a flask and the liquid expands. He says this is how sea level rise happens due to climate change.


Sigh. Here we go.


The temperature of the world's oceans varies significantly, as does its salt content. While freshwater freezes at 0 celsius, surface seawater freezes at -2 celsius because of the salt. The reason why deepwater in the ocean doesn't freeze is because of pressure (psi).


If your teacher tells you that water freezes at 0 celsius, they're wrong. Water freezes at 0 celsius (with no salt) at sea level. The sea level/psi part makes a significant difference. While sunshine and carbon dioxide affects surface ocean water, it has little effect on deepwater and the ecosystem that exists down there.


That's the chemistry point. But the oceans aren't just chemistry. It's biology as well. Life exists in the oceans. And that life constantly changes the chemistry of the oceans. Contrary to what you may believe, the oceans aren't just H2O chemistry. It's a huge ecosystem from the smallest organisms to giant whales.


And yes, the oceans in general are warming, but only by very slight incremental increases. There's no super high heat that's causing the oceans to rapidly expand. Showing a liquid in a flask expanding due to high heat is definitely not a reflection of reality and ocean temperatures.


And then we have the myth of the apocalpytic sea level rise. That's nonsense. Don't believe me? See for yourself:

For the past couple of decades, the oceans have been steadily rising. Each year, sea-level increases by about 3 millimeters, a constant and ominous creep responding to climate warming.

Scientists have been measuring this rise from satellites since 1993, using instruments called altimeters. But for an 18-month period that began in the middle of 2010, something surprising happened. Instead of rising, sea levels fell.

Every few months we check in on sea level and try to get some idea as to what's happening and why. For most of the altimeter record, it's been a fairly bland story. But some years have really thrown some curveballs," said John Fasullo, a climate scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research.

The one-and-a-half-year, 7-mm fall in sea levels was certainly a curveball. [1]


The Greenland ice sheet is melting. If you live in nearby Norway, how worried should you be about that sudden influx of water flooding your house? It turns out, not nearly as worried as you should be if you live in Chile. People tend to imagine that when an ice sheet melts, it adds water to all of the world's ocean uniformly, like a bathtub filling up. "That isn't even close," Harvard University geophysicist Jerry Mitrovica told attendees yesterday at the annual meeting of AAAS...[2]


Contrary to indoctrination from the climate change movement, sea level rise doesn't begin with the advent of the industrial revolution and man-made climate change. It begins with the end of the last ice age (11,700 years ago) and continues today.


Carbon dioxide does little to change this melting. It has an effect. But the effect is incalculable because the climate models are unfalsifiable. In his ideological defense of man-made climate change, Nye is dogmatically defending the unfalsifiable science that underpins the entire climate change movement. And that's bad science.


Next, the directors cut to a clip of a guy trying to buy a chocolate bar but can't due to man-made climate change. Sigh. In reality, chocolate is not a scare commodity today or for the foreseeable future. Humans have been eating chocolate or cacao in different forms for thousands of years. The ideology that it's all going to come to an end soon is complete nonsense. The fact that Nye's team is making this claim tells you that Nye is practicing ideological science instead of falsifiable objective science.


A man then tries to order seafood but it disappears with Nye's team claiming that it's all going away due to man-made climate change and overfishing. While overfishing does exist, seafood supplies are still abundant. Go to your local seafood restaurant or section in the grocery store and see for yourself.


But they're talking about the future. Ah yes, the future. Would this be the same future where the environmental movement predicts that oil will one day run out (see Oil, The 4th Renewable Resource)? Yes it is. Is this the same future where the climate change movement predicts that Glacier mountains will disappear? [3] Yes it is.


Why are these predictions wrong? Because it's all based on unfalsifiable ideological science. And ideological science has no ability to predict anything with any level of accuracy (see Philosophy of Science in Philosophy Reborn Part I: Purpose and A Broken Peer-Reviewed Process in Part III: Science). While climate change believers like to pretend that climate change is a falsifiable discipline like physics or chemistry, it's not even close.


Moving on, the man in the skit tries to order a coffee but it disappears. Nye's team says that man-made climate change is destroying coffee supplies. Again, in reality, none of this is happening. Nor is it likely to happen in the foreseeable future. Nye's team and the climate change movement as a whole are trying to package almost every problem on the planet under the framework of man-made climate change:

Climate change is destroying our entire food supply
Climate change is destroying our clothing supply
Climate change is causing cancer and diseases
Climate change is causing wars
Climate change is causing an increase in crime
Climate change is causing racism
Climate change is causing sexism
Climate change is causing the rise of white nationalism.


...and the list goes on. The fact that man-made climate change is now responsible for all of these things should tell you that the climate change movement is nothing but ideological science under the label of objective science. As I mention in past articles, I feel bad for future generations who have to sort out objective science from all of this garbage.


An interesting note is Nye's opening sequence for every episode. An iris scanner scans Nye's eye. How fitting. Iris scans, fingerprinting, and other biometric measurements will most likely be part of our future. All thanks to Muslim extremism and the Bush Jr. and Obama era. It's unknown whether Trump will continue the surveillance state.


Nye still believes that oil, coal, and natural gas are the remains of dead dinosaurs. They're not (see Oil, The 4th Renewable Resource). If they were finite, they would have run out a long time ago. But even with our insatiable demand, they're not running out. They're super abundant. And this super abundance is what causes the entire environmental movement to shift their message from it's all going to run we need to stop developing them because it's never going to run out. Hilarious.


Nye says that the rate of our warming is too high and making our Earth a mess. Okay. So if we end all energy production from traditional sources and all use electric forward 200 years into the future. Does that mean that there will be no serious hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, and droughts? No one knows. Why not? Because the theory of man-made climate change is not falsifiable. It has no ability to accurately predict future weather patterns.


In the past, the climate change movement says that California's drought will become the norm and it will only get worse. In reality...surprise, the drought ends in April 2017. [4] Why are the predictions wrong? Because the climate models are all based on unfalsifiable ideological science. The climate change movement and environmentalists today are just guessing and interpreting observations through the lens of ideological junk science.


I'm already pushing five pages in Microsoft Word and haven't even passed the 9 minute mark of the first episode. Christ. Thank god these episodes are only 30 minutes long.


Nye says that ocean life is dying due to man-made climate change. Sigh. While some corals will die, others will adapt and thrive (see Leonardo DiCaprio's Before the Flood Completely Debunked).


And no, marine life isn't dying off. Contrary to what you may believe from climate change indoctrination, man-made climate change has little effect on marine animals in deep oceans. They just go about doing their daily business. But the polar bears? Ah yes, the polar bears.Contrary to what you may believe, the polar bears are doing fine. [5] But if it's necessary, I'm sure that we can relocate them to somewhere nice.


And no, man-made climate change doesn't cause whale beaching. Whale beaching has been happening for a long time. The reasons are still unknown. But man-made sonar and the dumping of toxic pollution are the most likely culprits. Of course, if you believe in animal consciousness, that opens a new can of worms (see Animal Consciousness in Philosophy Reborn Part III: Science).


Nye's team then goes to Venice, Italy to lament the evils of man-made climate change. Sigh...again. The rising sea waters of Venice have been a problem since antiquity. For the love of god, Venice is at sea level. Common sense should kick in and remind you that building massive infrastructure at sea level is not a good idea.


Remember, since the last ice age, sea level has been rising naturally. Hence, moving forward in the future generally equals more sea level rise. All of this is natural and has been happening for thousands of years. For Venice to go under and climate change believers to say I told you disingenuous and bad science.


Nye goes on a rant and says that he's a real engineer and that he expects the US government to address the problem of climate change. Umm...governments around the world are attempting to create nuclear fusion (not fission) as you're reading this article. [6] Nuclear fusion is a safe, clean, and abundant form of energy. As an engineer, I'd like to think that Nye appreciates this. The fact that he doesn't mention nuclear fusion isn't accidental. It's intentional. Why? Because nuclear fusion represents our excessive lifestyle on steroids.


Forget about the sky. Even space itself won't be enough if we achieve nuclear fusion. We'll be too busy building colonies on the moon, Mars, and anywhere we want. If another species is in our way, we'll destroy their entire culture and take over the planet. Why? Because humans are still operating at a low level of development with corruption, sexism, racism, and homophobia as the norm. God help pacifist extraterrestrials.


Nye claims that climate change deniers are holding everyone back. No we're not. The environmental and climate change movement is holding itself back with its advocacy of unfalsifiable ideological junk science.


Nye says that we should be able to solve the problem of man-made climate change. But who's going to solve the problem of ideological science operating under the label of objective science? I don't hear many people calling out ideological science as a major problem. While my solutions may seem unconventional, at least I'm trying (see A Broken Peer-Reviewed Process in Philosophy Reborn Part III: Science).


Nye convenes his panel: Dr. Mark Jacobson (an environmental engineering professor), Richard Martin (an author), and Taryn O'Neill (an actress and science advocate). Dr. Jacobson's vision is to transform all energy infrastructure to 100% renewable energy. If we do that today, most of our land will be filled with massive solar power plants and wind farms. He says that we can have stable electricity, jobs, and energy prices. Clearly, this man has never been to Ontario, Canada (see Part 1 of 8: Season 2, Episode 1 – A Race Against Time).


Martin pushes back against Jacobson's vision. He advocates nuclear power (fission) and says that we're not going in the right direction by closing down nuclear fission plants. Jacobson pushes back and says that it takes almost 20 years for one nuclear fission plant to be operational. And he claims that it will take 15,000 nuclear fission plants to power the entire world...which sounds fishy, but I'll let it pass. Nye is correct when he says that no one wants nuclear fission in their backyard. Jacobson suggests hydroelectric power.


And yes, hydroelectric is clean, but that doesn't help land-locked states. And the issue of energy lies in the domain of states/provinces. Currently, the largest hydro electric power plant in the world is the Itaipu Binacional plant on the border of Brazil and Paraguay. At its best, it can produce 103.1 terawatt hours (twh) of electricity in a year. [7] That's the current global record for a hydroelectric plant.


And 103.1 twh is impressive for maybe...Canada with a consumption of 552.4 twh (2014). [8] But it won't work for India's consumption at 1042.3 twh (2014). [9] And it definitely won't work for the USA with 4137.1 twh (2014), [10] let alone for China consuming 5357.6 twh (2014). [11]


Oddly enough, O'Neill is out of place in the panel. She adds almost nothing to the conversation aside from asking the question of what non-scientists should be doing. Nye says to vote. And if you don't want to vote, just shut up.


And now I'm pissed off. Contrary to what you may believe, voting for a person to make decisions for you is not a real democracy. It's a false democracy. While voting is a characteristic of a real democracy, don't confuse that with voting for actual policies. Voting for a person represents control. Voting for policies represents empowerment (see Philosophy of Governance & Economics in Philosophy Reborn Part I: Purpose).


But let's get back to the false democratic voting we have in most countries. By voting in this system, you're tacitly agreeing to the rules of the voting process. In short, it means that by voting, you're giving up your right to complain about the end result. By not voting, you're not agreeing to anything tacitly and have the right to complain about it. Liberals and liberal institutions that say otherwise are ignorant, incompetent, arrogant, or corrupt.


Nye says that the world will be in trouble for everyone who likes to eat and breathe. Again, contrary to what you may believe, man-made climate change is an insignificant problem. The real problems to tackle are racism, sexism, homophobia, poverty, inequality, and living in a real democracy where the people vote directly on policies (see Philosophy of Governance & Economics in Philosophy Reborn Part I: Purpose).


Nye equates cliamte change with WWII. This is completely ludicrous. While I don't normally believe in an interventionist approach for governments, the exception is WWII. Why? Because Hitler creates peace treaties with governments and then breaks them, invades them, and takes over. Eventually, without US support, Nazi Germany would have taken over all of Europe and come for North America sooner or later.


But what are the real causes of WWII? Aside from insane reparations that the Allies impose on the German government and citizens from WWI, the problem is racism. In the 21st century, racism is still the biggest issue. While my attempt to rid the world of racism isn't conventional, at least I'm trying (see Racism in Philosophy Reborn Part II: Social Humanities). Pretending that man-made climate change is a bigger problem than racism is ludicrous.


Nye and Karlie Kloss (supermodel, and member of Nye's team) puts on another experiment where Nye breathes into a liquid with a straw while Kloss explains that it's analogous to ocean acidification and killing ecosystems. I already deal with this above.


Next up, Zach Braff comes out of the audience. I've been wondering what Braff has been doing since the hit TV series Scrubs. Unfortunately not much, which is sad because he has great comedic talent.


Nye says that he doesn't want to talk about climate change but reality forces him to do so. What? Aside from the financial and political rewards in supporting climate change, climate change believers get to be part of a family like movement that's mostly made up of liberal atheists and agnostics who don't believe in eternal love or the soul. Who wouldn't want to be part of this movement?


Nye says that he wants to be talking about baseball or movies or books. Umm...the sports industry has a massive and constant carbon footprint. Hollywood itself is pure carbon. Their carbon footprint is incalculable. And the book publishing industry (print) has a massive and constant carbon footprint.


I love how climate change believers ignore the fact that the fun things in their lives have massive carbon footprints. Climate change believers who ignore these facts are completely disingenuous. I recommend that you stay away from such hypocrites.


Zach Braff is definitely the highlight of the episode. Well done to the directors and producers for ending on a high note. They must have watched the episode of Seinfeld when George (Jason Alexander) leaves on a high note. Ahh...Seinfeld. A show about nothing that's still influencing us today. Well done.




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