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Season 1, Episode 11 - Malarkey!

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By: Shawn Alli
Posted: May 31, 2017

Bill Nye Saves the World Season 1, Episode 11 – Malarkey!

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Nye begins with ridiculing Anton Mesmer for thinking that he could mesmerize humans or animals. Umm...contrary to what you may believe, hypnotism is very real. In fact, there are students who supposedly die from it. [1] The Mayo Clinic lists the negative side effects of hypnosis as anxiety, distress, or the creation of false memories. [2] And scientists around the world are using hypnosis to create negative mental disorders. [3]


Contrary to what you may believe, hypnosis is disturbingly real. Worse, no one knows why it works and why most of the population is susceptible to it.


While Nye says that scientists test hypothesizes to prove them wrong (which is falsifiability), in reality, scientists aren't doing that on any level whatsoever. Almost all climate change theories are unfalsifiable. If Nye believes that scientists are proving their hypothesis wrong, I challenge him to falsify climate change. And if he does, he'll find that almost none of the climate change theories/claims are falsifiable.


Nye claims that our belief in various things leads to pseudoscience and uses new age examples. I like how he doesn't mention the pseudoscience of eugenics, lower intelligence in women, marijuana prohibition, cholesterol and fat, and hair analysis. All of this is seen as objective falsifiable science in the past, only for it to be pseudoscience or ideological science in reality.


The fact that Nye doesn't mention these examples isn't accidental. It's Intentional. Why? Because he doesn't want people to doubt science. Sadly, most science that's practiced today is ideological because scientists aren't practicing falsifiability. Why not? Because falsifiability is created by philosopher Karl Popper (1902-1994). Western-European scientists despise non-scientists when they point out problems in science. Hence, they ignore them and their claims.

And yes, there are charlatans who are out to deceive you. But WE doctors, scientists, government, and industry are trying to do the same. Why? Because you're just cattle to be milked and experimented on in their eyes. You have no intrinsic value to them. In their eyes, you only have value as a taxpayer, consumer, and guinea pig.


And while bias in general can keep you from seeing the truth (as Nye says), that applies to WE medical and climate science as well.


Nye then ridicules tarot cards, psychic phenomena, crystal healing, extraterrestrials, and crop circles. Perhaps Nye should watch the UFO documentaries Sirius (2013) and Unacknowledged (2017) by Dr. Steven Greer (a former cardiologist). It would be quite interesting to see Bill Nye and Dr. Greer talk about extraterrestrials and suppressed technology given Nye's background in engineering.


Oddly enough, on the prop table, Nye doesn't talk about one of the props. And that would be phrenology. Why doesn't he mention it? Because scientists of the past see phrenology as objective science. In reality, it's nothing more than ideological science. Nye doesn't want to give his audience and viewers a reason to doubt science.


But that's not the worst part. The worst part is that phrenology is making a comeback via neuroscience and MRI imaging. Different parts of the brain cause different things. And neuroscientists are constantly claiming differences in the quality/activity/complexity in the brains of different groups of people. I call it neo-phrenology.


Of course, all of this is ideological junk science. Neuroscience itself is an unfalsifiable discipline with neuro...scientists, psychologists, and biologists interpreting the brain based on unfalsifiable theories (see Philosophy of Mind in Philosophy Reborn Part I: Purpose).


Are psychics taking advantage of you when you're vulnerable? Yes and no. Yes, but so what? WE medical scientists and doctors do the same thing when they offer you pharmaceutical drugs to relieve your pain. And no, because you're going to them. You already know that most people consider psychics as nonsense but you're still going to them for help because you want a better answer than WE atheist scientists or doctors.


And yes, some psychics are charlatans and deserve the label of scum. But every field has their share of scum. Whether it's doctors, scientists, construction workers, home renovators, real estate...whatever. There will always be a small minority of people who are intentionally trying to screw you over. But that doesn't mean that you should throw the baby out with the bath water. Of course, in terms of Big Government and Industry, it's not a small minority. It's the majority trying to screw you over.


Karlie Kloss (a member of Nye's team) debunks chemtrails. It's odd that they choose chemtrails. Of all the many conspiracies that exist, chemtrails are one of the weakest. And just so you know, I believe that it's just regular contrails/condensation. There's no credible evidence that it's something else or something toxic. Can you imagine the liability and lawsuits if corporations are regularly spraying toxic chemicals in the atmosphere (aside from jet fuel exhaust)?


Kloss is correct that many conspiracy theories are very easy to create in the digital information era (as you'll see in a future series of articles about conspiracy theories. When it's ready it will be in Whistleblower articles).


Nye convenes his panel: Timothy Caulfield (a professor of health law) Sam Reynolds (an astrologer), and Jamila Bey (a professional skeptic). Caulfield ridicules detoxing, cleansing, reiki, and grounding (energy from the Earth). Caulfield is free to drug himself to sleep when he needs it. Others will use reiki, grounding, detoxing, and cleansing to have a good night's sleep. To each their own within ethics.


Reynolds admits that's astrology isn't science. He says that it's an interpretive art based on math and myth for the past few thousand years. I'm not big on astrology (aside from the great things it says about me).


But there's no evidence that astrology is a falsifiable objective science. Claiming that it's a marriage between mathematics and myth is disingenuous. I can buy the interpretive art argument but not the math one. But I like the way Reynolds articulates his arguments. It's much better than the other two panelists.


Bey says that she'd like ESP stuff replicated. A reasonable scientific request. Unfortunately, ESP can't be reproduced with exact results because of consciousness (see Extra Sensory Perception in Philosophy Reborn Part III: Science).


But I argue that ESP is still based on science that doesn't yet exist. What science would that be? The science of consciousness of course. And no, psychology and psychiatry don't count because they're not falsifiable sciences. But astrology in my limited view, also has no objective scientific basis whatsoever. I may be wrong, but until there's convincing evidence otherwise, it's just fun interpretive art.


Oddly enough, Nye asks why people are skeptical of climate change. Bey says that they don't understand it. And Reynolds says that it's a lack of education. Both of them are completely wrong. I refer you to the various climate change articles and series:

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Nye says that fire walking is not a matter of mental or spiritual strength. He gets Donald Faison (star of the past hit TV series Scrubs) to help him prove it. They burn a paper with a candle and then wrap it over a can without burning. Why doesn't it burn? Because the heat is passing through the paper and into the can.


Both of them walk on hot coals. Again, like chemtrails and astrology, Nye is picking low fruit pseudoscience. To be fair, there are no big visual examples of psychic phenomena. While it's great that Uri Geller can bend a spoon supposedly with his mind, unless he can bend a car or a steel frame with his mind, it's little more than entertainment (see James Randi's Disingenuous Legacy).




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