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By: Shawn Alli
Posted: October 10, 2017

Conspiracy Theories 101 Series

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*Note: All individuals and organizations receive 3 full days of pre-publication notice.


*Note: I don't include all conspiracy theorists. That would take too long. Mark Dice, Mike Cernovich, Jesse Ventura, Stefan Molyneux, Jordan Maxwell, G. Edward Griffin, Fritz Springmeier, Michael Tsarion, Daniel Estulan, Steve Quayle, Jim Marrs, Tex Marrs, and Robert David Steele believe in similar things that Alex Jones believes in.


*Note: I won't be able to reference every claim for Alex Jones because there are too many videos.


*Note: By Jewish people/Jews, I'm referring to Israeli ethnicity, not Judaist believers.


Alex Jones

David Icke

Dr. Steven Greer

Simon Parkes

Richard Griffin (Professor Griff)

Eric Jon Phelps & Nelson Thall (Lenny Bloom)



Alex Jones

Alex Jones is the most famous conspiracy theorist of all time. In his 3-4 hour rants 6 days a week he manages to sh*t out somewhat useful information. His media organization Infowars is one of the most successful alternative media outlets in the world. And that's where the praise ends.


Even though I'm a conspiracy theorist, I have to call it like it is. Jones is a useful idiot to GSIGs and white nationalists. He should be known as the Great Manipulator. You're just jealous. No, I'm not.


Though I'll always be a conspiracy theorist, I'm also a philosopher and writer moving into the world of animation in the future. I don't want to watch another YouTube video of Alex Jones issuing RED ALERT or BREAKING. Prior to publishing this series, I delete all of his videos (non-references). I never want to watch another off his videos again.


The sheer amount of bullsh*t that Jones spews on a daily basis is too much for me to keep up with. Even liberal mainstream and alternative media outlets can’t keep up with him. But I'll do my best to give you an honest picture of him. Here we go.


As the Snowden leaks begin to break in the summer of 2013, Jones doesn’t believe that Snowden does anything of significance:


Snowden's crime is exposing what we already knew and saying it’s illegal.'s not that he's leaking anything that wasn't secret in my view. [1]


He even lets his staff write the article with the headline:


Is Glenn Greenwald’s Alternative Media Network Another CIA Mockingbird Operation? [2]


Why is Jones so dismissive of the Snowden leaks early on in the game? Because he's jealous that mainstream journalists break the story and have the documents to prove it. All Jones has is conspiracies (beliefs with indirect evidence that can be interpreted to support any view). Eventually though, Jones sees the way the wind is blowing and changes his tune in January 2014:


Following the nomination of Edward Snowden for a Nobel Peace Prize by two Norwegian politicians, Infowars is launching a campaign to award the whistleblower with the honor for his courageous role in exposing mass surveillance and rampant government corruption. [3]


But in order to get a better understanding of him we have to go into his family life. From his public custody hearings we learn that Jones separates from his wife Rebecca Nichols awhile ago. The question of why is always a question for fodder.


Some claim that it's because Jones cheat on his wife with a past Infowars reporter. Some believe that he marries his masseuse/escort wife Erika Wulff because he gets her pregnant and believes that he has to present the image of a loving Christian family to his audience. And some believe that Jones takes Infowars reporter Lee Ann McAdoo's virginity in a pagan ritual.


But a male boss screwing his female employees is hardly new:


Dov Charney (former American Apparel) [4] [5] [6]

Josh Tetrick (Hampton Creek) [7]

In General. [8] [9] [10]


Regardless, Jones and Nichols can't agree on the custody of the children. Hence, the ugly public hearings. But prior to this in spring 2017, Jones presents himself as a family man with family values. And that's completely false. His family is broken with his ex-wife in treatment from her marriage with him. [11]


While Jones claims to be a family man to his followers, I only see a man using a woman to have children, and then screwing younger women. Generally speaking, this is the profile of atheist men and fake Christians.


Oddly enough, Jones' public divorce gets into the bullsh*t myth of the Jewish cabal. Many of his listeners/viewers/followers believe that Nichols (who is Jewish) is Jones' handler for Israeli Intelligence. In reality, she's just a regular Jewish wife trapped in a loveless marriage. In the custody hearings, the prosecutor asks Jones if he can say one nice thing about Nichols. He says:


I cannot perjure myself...She doesn't have any good qualities...any good is sandwiched with bad. [12]


Umm...what? That's not a loving family. That's a manipulative and egocentric husband. But then again, many conspiracy theorists are Christians (protestants). And Christians don't exactly have a high opinion of women (see The Conspiracy Against Women).


But we learn something else from the custody hearings. We learn that Jones' parents are actively involved in the Infowars operation. [13] That's news to me. But the question that has dogged Jones in many circles is why he’s still alive if he's a real conspiracy theorist battling the globalists. Shouldn't he have been taken out long ago by the globalists? He claims that he has documents just in case they try to kill him (sorry, can't find the reference).


And yes, Jones definitely has deep sources in the US intelligence and military sectors. Jones also claims that he has powerful friends in Hollywood. And Charlie Sheen has been on his show in the past.


Unfortunately, Andrew Breitbart's smoking gun video (after his death) is a flop. [14] I'm sure that if Jones dies, his documents will be a flop as well (but I could be wrong). Aside from the Infowars broadcast, how does Jones have such influential pull and security? It's because of his shady family associations:


I've had a lot of family that were high level masons...I've had family that have been 33rd degree masons...I've got family on both sides involved in the founding of Texas. [15]


Though Jones isn't a freemason himself, freemasonry in the past is very different than what it is today for high level masons. In the past, it represents mystery schools that blend magic, mathematics, and natural law.


Today, high level freemasonry (part of GSIGs) represents occultism and the disempowerment of the global public. And remember, freemasonry exists long before the Bilderbergs, the CIA, the founding of America, the enlightenment period, and the Bavarian illuminati. Though some groups claim (without proof) that freemasonry begins in ancient Egypt.


But that's not the most interesting part of his family. The most interesting part is about his family's connections with the CIA:


Whenever I go to a family reunion, half the people in the room are former retired CIA...and they tell me I'm dead-on 100% absolutely right. [16]


My mom and dad had multiple discussions...where the CIA tried to hire him because I had some family that did stuff for the be inducted in Maryland into literal below ground bases for a 4 year secret tour. And they were hiring other top dentists that were pioneering implants. My dad pioneered implants and taught it at medical school...and he said no. Because my dad did work at the medical school, he was someone who would do medical procedures on high level CIA people. They would have people come in...they would have people there watching while he did procedures on people just because they can't be put under, that was back during the cold war. My dad did do that. [17]


Those are very interesting claims. In most profile pieces on Jones, journalists don't mention any of this. In a request for comment I ask numerous journalists:

1. Alex Jones says that his father did dental work for people in the CIA during the Cold War. Can you confirm or deny this?


Most don't respond. The ones that do don't know anything.


AJ Vicens (Mother Jones) - doesn't respond

Adrienne LaFrance (Atlantic) - doesn't know

Gary Mason (Globe and Mail) - doesn't respond

Brian Resnick (Vox) - doesn't respond

Julia Belluz (Vox) - doesn't respond

Joanna Walters (Guardian) - doesn't know

Eric Levitz (New York Magazine) - doesn't respond

Chris Sommerfeldt (New York Daily News) - doesn't respond

Kate Feldman (New York Daily News) - doesn't respond

Christine Hauser (New York Times) - doesn't respond

Liam Stack (New York Times) - doesn't respond

David Montero (Los Angeles Times) - doesn't respond

Veit Medick (Der Speigel) - doesn't respond

Jonathan Tilove (American Statesman) - doesn't respond

Ken Herman (American Statesman) - doesn't respond

Mike Pearl (Vice) - doesn't know

Mack Lamoureux (Vice) - doesn't respond

Anna Merlan (Jezebel) - out of office reply

Cleve R. Wootson Jr. (Washington Post) - doesn't respond

Derek Hawkins (Washington Post) - doesn't respond

Paul Farhi (Washington Post) - doesn't respond

Margaret Sullivan (Washington Post) - doesn't respond

Dana Milbank (Washington Post) - doesn't respond

Ryan Katz (freelance) - doesn't respond

Ben Collins (Daily Beast) - doesn't respond

Gideon Resnick (Daily Beast) - doesn't respond

Ben Hartman (freelance) - doesn't know

Inae Oh (Mother Jones) - doesn't respond

Jackie Wattles (CNN) - doesn't respond

James Hamblin, (Atlantic) - doesn't know

Rosie Gray (Atlantic) - doesn't respond.


Why do I ask these journalists to confirm or deny it? Because I'm not a journalist. I'm asking real journalists to do some work to confirm or deny a story. That's one of the characteristics of what counts as a journalist (see The Media).


For those of you wondering why Jones hasn't been silenced by the deep state, it's because his family has deep connections with freemasonry and the CIA. His bodyguard isn't there to protect him against the deep state/Global Special Interest Groups (GSIGs, see The Deep State). He's there to protect him from crazy violent liberals.


And now we can get into some of the widespread manipulation that Jones propagates. And to be fair, yes, liberal mainstream and alternative media outlets also manipulate their readers/viewers/listeners. But for Jones to claim that all liberal mainstream and alternative media outlets are liars except for him and completely false and disingenuous.


Let's take a look at a few of Jones' manipulative stories. Jones has been saying for years that illegals are swinging the popular vote for Democrats...that the FEMA camps are coming...that the police state will confiscate guns from legal gun owners and such.


Sorry, but illegals don't swing the vote for the Democrats. Yes, illegal voting does exist, but not on a mass scale of tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands, let alone millions of votes. While voter identity fraud happens due to incompetence, it doesn't make a significant difference in the end result. Jones is trying to sell you garbage in the form of gold.


On the topic of illegal immigration, Jones claims that Canada vets their immigrants. Hence, the US shouldn't just open their borders to refugees. Sorry, but that's incorrect. Canada has a metering system for immigrants relative to their skills, and a separate compassionate policy for refugees.


To be fair, many refugees are coming to Canada illegally (which negates the effectiveness of the legal process), but it's understandable. Canada is the greatest country to live in (not including Northern Aboriginal communities).


On paper, the US government has the strongest constitution in the world. In reality, the implementation of that constitution is severely lacking. Yes, you'll get your day in court, but only after the US bureaucratic system destroys your character and integrity.


In the end, it's better to hop over to Canada. We're abundant in everything and have massive potential for growth. If you’re a peace loving person, I welcome you to Canada. And for future refugees/immigrants, I recommend that you get in while the Liberal Trudeau government still has a majority government.


But let's get back to Jones' bullsh*t claims. Contrary to what he says, there are no FEMA camps holding Americans in concentration camps. Nor is there an Obama death squad. It's all garbage based on observations and the ideological interpretations of those observations (not unlike climate change, see The Environmental Movement).


Does it make sense for a government to have supplies for millions of body bags and caskets? Umm...yes. Why? Because you never know what's going to happen tomorrow. There's a 99% chance that it will be a regular day. But that doesn't mean that it'll turn out that way. It's better policy for a government to hope for the best and prepare for the worst.


And contrary to what Jones says, there is no police state trying to confiscate your guns. Obama is in office for 8 years and fails to take away the guns, impose Sharia law, or ban the bible, despite Jones' claiming that he will.


Repealing the US right to bear arms is not something that is likely to happen anytime soon (despite mass shootings) Jones is just bullsh*tting you. And while many conspiracy theorists talk about the police state, it doesn't exist (yet).


Yes, police departments do use excessive force sometimes. And yes, profiling and is unethical. And yes, there are many unethical and corrupt police officers in every major police department. But it doesn’t mean that you live in a police state.


A police state is when police stop you and arrest you for doing nothing.


A police state is when police knock down your door and search your house without a warrant.


A police state is when they detain you indefinitely without charges.


A police state is when the police stop obeying the rule of law and treat citizens as enemy combatants.


But this scenario doesn't exist in any WE country. To be fair to conspiracy theorists, the issue of Habeas corpus for American citizen terrorists is still debatable relative to the party in power and US Supreme Court judges.


But Sandy Hook was a false flag. Sigh. Contrary to what many conspiracy theorists (like Jones) wants you to believe, the Sandy Hook shooting massacre is NOT a false flag. This time, the perception of reality is the same as reality. A deranged shooter, dead kids, and grieving parents. While false flags definitely exist, Sandy Hook isn't one of them. For Jones to claim that it's a false flag with child actors and parent actors is truly disgusting.


And no, the recent Las Vegas shooting is NOT a false flag to take away people's guns. Just because officials don't have a clear motive (which people need in order to direct their anger) doesn't mean that it's a false flag. Thinking that it's a false flag from the start is due to ideological conspiracy theorists that are cracked in the head.


As I mentioned in The Deep State article, GSIGs will attempt to take credit for every event regardless of whether they did it or not. Why? The illusion of control. If you can convince the global public that you have control over everything, you've won.


Sadly, conspiracy theorists will most likely play the role of useful idiots in disseminating disinformation to their audience. To be fair to conspiracy theorists, sometimes it is GSIGs, and sometimes it's not. It's not easy for conspiracy theorists to tell the difference.


Even in the Megyn Kelly interview, Jones doesn't apologize for his statements. I wonder if he would if one of the parents tries to sue him for defamation. Claiming that someone's child isn't dead or that they never existed is falsifiable and not opinion. While it may not go far in the courts, I'm surprised that Sandy Hook parents haven't tried to sue him for defamation.


And speaking of defamation, Jones, is the king of defamation (right next to Scientologists). Jones constantly claims that both of the Clintons are evil and that Obama is a demon. On some of his shows he has a picture of Obama and Hitler next to each other. In one video he calls Hilary Hitlary.


While that's not defamation, that's representative of a sick mind lost in his illusions. Unfortunately, this is a common theme amount conspiracy theorists. We tend to hold grandiose delusions in the battle for humanity's soul or the fight between good and evil (see The Stigma of Being a Conspiracy Theorist).


In his February 2017 Reddit open forum video, Jones says that Eric Schmidt (Google) and Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) are psychopaths bent to the devil's will. [18] He says that Tony Blair and his wife are possessed by Lucifer. [18] Why does he say such things? Because he has to see himself as the savior and doing the Christian god's work.


Jones, like many Christian conspiracy theorists, believes that they're a vessel for the Christian god. God is supposedly working through them. And this ideology also applies to regular Christians, Catholics, Judaists, and Muslims in the past, present, and future. Everyone believes that they have the truth on their side and their god wants them to share it with others. Sigh.


Why does Jones believe this? Because it's necessary. He wouldn't be able to survive without such ideologies. Contrary to what you may believe, being attacked everyday by people and media outlets is soul crushing. Even Monsanto (the most hated corporation on the planet) doesn't want to be the villain.


Jones has to cling to his Christian ideologies in order to keep his head above water. In the same video he says that he wants to be annihilated by the enemy because it’s better to go down fighting. [18]


Like Andrew Breitbart, he wants to be a martyr for the cause so the stories about his bravery will be told for generations and history will become myth, and myth will become legend. Like I said, grandiose vision/ego is a chronic problem in the conspiracy theory movement.


Jones says that the globalists are all spiritually fallen. They've lost the our lord's protection. [18] Umm...what? Sadly, many Christian conspiracy theorists use their religious ideologies to praise their own efforts while using it to condemn their opponents.


Contrary to what most conspiracy theorists believe, the Obama administration doesn't cause the rise of ISIS. They influence it. Just like science, there’s a distinction between a cause and an influence. If you take out the influence, the cause may still happen. If you take out the cause, the influence won't happen at all.


The fact that liberals don't understand this relative to science, and that conspiracy theorists don't understand this relative to powerfully annoying. God forbid rationality descends on both groups.


And no, the CIA doesn't fund the overthrow of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych. Yanukovych enables his own downfall when he chooses Russia over the EU. The backlash is immense with Ukrainians protesting even in freezing cold weather. These Ukrainians are genuinely pissed off protestors. Yanukovych absconds to Russia and the Ukrainian government calls elections after his unconstitutional exit.


Yes, in the past, the CIA intentionally destabilizes false democratic governments on a regular basis. And yes, USAID in the past is closely tied into the CIA. But that doesn't mean that every protest or overthrow is caused by the CIA/GSIGs.


Just because something looks like X doesn't mean it is X. Something that conspiracy theorists tend to ignore when filling the mind of their listeners with garbage and false information.


In the same reddit video, Jones says that the elites ask him to take part in the globalist agenda by raping people and ritually sacrificing others. [18] It would be nice to have some evidence to back it up, but that's asking too much. Jones most likely gets his information from rapper Richard Griffin (Professor Griff).


Griffin goes in depth about the supposed blood ritual sacrifices (see Richard Griffin). But there's no evidence for any of the claims. And no, we can't take Charlie Sheen or Randy Quaid's word for it.


But then again, if Jay Z confesses that all of these horrible things are going on and has video/audio evidence, that would hold some weight for an investigation. If Russell Brand, Shia Labeouf, Jim Carrey, John Cusack, Mike Myers, or Randy Quaid (outcasts of Hollywood) claims that ritual blood sacrifices are taking place and have video/audio evidence, then we have something to work with. But until then, it’s complete nonsense.


And just a quick correction for my conspiracy theorist brethren. Lavey Satanism is worlds apart from Crowley occultism. Lavey Satanism is just atheism and Epicureanism on steroids. All the supposed rituals are just for show and to scare people. Atheists love f*cking with religious believers.


Crowley occultism on the other hand is very dark occultism. It's blood rituals, dark magic, curses, conjuring malicious dimensional beings and such. I believe that some GSIG members are part of the occult. However, I don't have any evidence for this claim. Hence, the term belief. And no, video of people worshipping a giant owl at Bohemian Grove doesn't count as credible evidence.


And now we can get to the three times Jones has been called out for his bullsh*t. The first comes from pizzagate, the supposed pedophile ring that operates at a pizza place in DC. What happens when everyone in the mainstream media investigates it? Nothing. Why? Because it's complete nonsense. It's just ideological interpretations of an event. Reality vs. the perception of reality.


Jones eventually sees the way the wind is blowing in regards to pizzagate. But instead of taking responsibility for his bullsh*t, he blames his staff. [18] Excellent. Clearly, that's the correct decision (note the sarcasm). The owners of the pizza place ask Jones to retract his statements with the potential threat of a defamation lawsuit. [19] Jones apologizes but says that it's done because he wants to take responsibility. [20]


Sorry, but if Jones wanted to take responsibility, he could have apologized prior to being asked. That means that Jones could have apologized in 2016 or the beginning of 2017 prior to the pizza place asking him to apologize and delete various videos/articles. But he doesn't. Why not? Because he doesn't want to show weakness. Jones thinks that he can run his mouth off with no consequences. That's dishonest, disingenuous, and manipulative.


The second time someone calls out Jones is his ex-wife in spring 2017 when she petitions the court to designate her residence as the primary residence for their children. In the end, even the jury rules against him. [21]


The third time that someone calls out Jones' bullsh*t is Chobani. In April 2017 Chobani sues Jones for defamation. [22] what is Jones' initial response? He says that he'll fight the lawsuit aggressively. [23] But in May 2017 he apologizes and deletes various videos/articles. [23]


It's a shame that things ended the way it did with Chobani and Jones. The founder and CEO of Chobani Hamdi Ulukaya is a foreigner who comes to the US to live the American dream and builds a multinational corporation from scratch with a small business loan. [24] These values are similar to Jones' values. And best of all, 70% of his employees are American born. [25] That's impressive.


It's important to note that all of Jones' claims and lawsuits are not isolated incidents. These are patterns. The problem is that most people/organizations/corporations are not calling out Jones for his bullsh*t.


If enough people do so, Jones will tiptoe very carefully and realize that his bullsh*t claims have real consequences. Personally, I think this step is necessary in order to push Jones (and the conspiracy theory movement in general) up another peg on the public credibility scale.


And while Jones rightly claims that rape and child brides are acceptable in Muslim Middle Eastern countries, he ignores the fact that the US has their own child marriage problem in the name of Christianity:


While most states set 18 as the minimum marriage age, exceptions in every state allow children younger than 18 to marry, typically with parental consent or judicial approval. How much younger? Laws in 27 states do not specify an age below which a child cannot marry.

...We learned that in 38 states, more than 167,000 children - almost all of them girls, some as young 12 - were married during that period, mostly to men 18 or older. Twelve states and the District of Columbia were unable to provide information on how many children had married there in that decade. Based on the correlation we identified between state population and child marriage, we estimated that the total number of children wed in America between 2000 and 2010 was nearly 248,000.

...Only nine states still allow pregnancy exceptions to the marriage age, as such exceptions have been used to cover up rape and to force girls to marry their rapists. Consider Sherry Johnson of Florida, who said she was raped repeatedly as a child and was pregnant by 11, at which time her mother forced her to marry her 20-year-old rapist under Florida's pregnancy exception in the 1970s. [26]


When she was a scrawny 11-year-old, Sherry Johnson found out one day that she was about to be married to a 20-year-old member of her church who had raped her.

"It was forced on me," she recalls. She had become pregnant, she says, and child welfare authorities were investigating — so her family and church officials decided the simplest way to avoid a messy criminal case was to organize a wedding.

...Among the states with the highest rates of child marriages were Arkansas, Idaho and Kentucky. The number of child marriages has been falling, but every state in America still allows underage girls to marry, typically with the consent of parents, a judge or both. Twenty-seven states do not even set a minimum age by statute, according to the Tahirih Justice Center’s Forced Marriage Initiative. [27]


And then there's Jones' odd moments. In March 2017 Jones allows journalists from Der Speigel to interview him. Somehow, the end result is a shirtless Jones with his hairy man boobs drooping and an alleged gay quip asking if Der Speigel would like to suck the sausage on his plate. [28]


In a request for comment I ask Der Speigel:

2. Can you confirm that Alex Jones asked you to suck the sausage on his plate in regards to the February 2017 article "Meet Donald Trump's Propagandist"? Do you have a recording of this?


They don't respond.


And then we have the great war between Christianity and Islam. While I'm anti-religion, I understand that Christianity is the lesser of the two. Generally speaking, if you insult Christian doctrine, Christians will pray for you.


If you insult Islamic doctrine, they'll attempt to assassinate you or kill innocent people in your name. That's a significant difference. And yes, I'm against Islamic terrorists being given free passage to the US or Canada. European governments claiming that Muslim refugees are in the best interests of the European Union (EU) are cracked in the head.


And yes, I agree with Jones about the Muslimization of the EU. It's a significant problem for peace loving people. But you have to be grounded in reality. You can't freak out because a Muslim student takes apart a clock and brings it to school. You can't tell Muslims in WE grocery stores to go back to their own country. With the world becoming more polarized, we need to maintain some level of rationality.


But god help you if you call Jones a disinformation agent. He'll go ballistic. You're schizophrenic. Shut up and take your meds. To be fair, Jones is not a disinformation agent. He's more of a misinformation (non-intentional) agent. His conspiracy ideologies prevent him from seeing the world with a filter of rationality.


And finally, we can finish up with Jones and his influence on US President Donald J. Trump. I'll just come out and say it. Jones is shilling for Trump. Does Jones need Trump? No. Jones comes on the scene long before Trump even thinks about running for President. And just as the liberal trifecta believes that Obama is the savior of humanity in the past, Jones believes that Trump is the rightful savior of humanity in the present. And that's a problem.


But as a shill for Trump, Jones is putting his ardent followers at risk. Jones is anti-war on drugs, anti-private prisons, anti-big banks, anti-Big Pharma, and pro-organic food. But this is highly problematic with Trump's actions:


Intensifying the war against drugs, especially marijuana [29]

Supporting private prisons. [30]

Appointing Goldman Sachs executives into his cabinet [31]

Appointing Big Ag and Big Pharma loyalists [32]

Launching missiles into Syria (with the support of the Canadian government) [33]

And creating billion dollar deals with Saudi Arabia [34] is just a continuation of the military-industrial complex.


Jones' rebuttal is that Trump's not perfect, but he's the best chance we've got. It's the deep state. Sorry, but that excuse won't cut it. Personally, I don't care either way. I've already given up on the current political system in all WE countries.


A new puppet in power in a false democracy is insignificant and will never lead to genuine growth of individuals and humanity. Real growth can only occur in a skoparxist government (see Philosophy of Governance & Economics in Philosophy Reborn Part I: Purpose).


There will always be a difference between candidates before and after winning an election. But Trump's after-election persona is the usual Republican fat-cat persona. While Jones will continue to attract more white nationalists to his cause, it will be at the cost of his ardent followers and the cost of his soul.


David Icke

Aside from the usual conspiracy theory claims such as 9/11 being a false flag, ritual sacrifices, occult symbolism, the evil EU, the surveillance state, control of perception, and making people unhealthy...David Icke (the second most famous conspiracy theorist) is best known for his reptilian conspiracy.


He believes that royalty around the world are shape-shifting Reptilians descended from the Babylonian Brotherhood/Anunnaki (extraterrestrials breeding with humans). Oh, and apparently, they also ritually sacrifice children via occult pedophile rings for sustenance. And now...Jones doesn't look that bad.


Allow me to be clear. I believe that Icke believes that such things are occurring. Why does he believe these things? Because he's had spiritual experiences in the past as a BBC journalist. After such experiences, he embarks on his new age quest to save humanity by awakening it. And though I'm also a flaky new age believer (though a bit more rational), I won't hold back on the criticism of Icke and his new age mission.


On his new age journey, Icke claims that he's the son of God and that the world would end in 1997. [35] Sadly, prophecy is a usual part of the conspiracy theory movement (though I'd like to try and phase it out). As expected, most of the prophecies don't come true. And whatever does come true is usually due to common sense or crying wolf for years. Hence, the flakiness of new age beliefs/conspiracies.


But many people around the world are willing to spend time and money on Icke. His large seminars have thousands of people (and for a pretty penny). I don't have a problem with that. To each their own within ethics. But the average person should be aware that there is zero proof for Icke's reptilian conspiracy. Zero. And his reptilian conspiracy is definitely the centerpiece for the rest of his conspiracies.


Like all conspiracy theorists, Icke is trying to condition his seminar participants into accepting the reality that the reptilian conspiracy is real. And it's a smart move. Break down the smaller issues and eventually the person may accept the larger conspiracy theory.


It's similar to scientology. Show problems with conventional theories and policies, condition participants with dogmatic beliefs and eventually, the person may accept the reality that Xenu exists and is trying to screw humanity and our galaxy.


And then we have the hollow moon theory. While most conspiracy theorists abandon the false moon landing theories, some (like Icke) believe in the hollow moon theory (that the moon is hollow, artificial, and placed there by extraterrestrials).


What are the facts? The fact is that we don't have a falsifiable theory on how the moon gets into orbit around the Earth. We have lots of unfalsifiable theories (like the holographic universe theory), but it's just theoretical physicists guessing.


And what about the core of the moon? NASA is very clear about the core. It's similar to Earth based on seismology readings:


Mm [moderator]: What do you think about hollow Moon theory? Is there any evidence that confirm this?

Renee_Weber [NASA scientist]: None of our results support that theory.

JeffE: If the moon is geologically inactive, then what causes the shallow moonquakes?

Renee_Weber: That's a question I would REALLY like to answer! Some think it might be some type of tectonic release of energy "frozen' into the surface rocks.

Dell_Conagher: Does the discovery of the new model of the core mean that models of moonquakes may also need to be changed?

Renee_Weber: Yes, because some deep moonquakes depths are very close to the molten layer, suggesting that brittle failure can't occur.

SoCal_watcher: I thought that the current theory of the moon's formation was due to it not having a similar core as Earth's, now you're saying that does, how does it alter the theory?

Renee_Weber: The structure is similar in that it has a solid inner and fluid outer core. The large impact theory predicts that the moon would largely be formed from material originating from the impactor. [36]


However, there are people with top secret clearance who claim that bases on the moon exist. Sgt. Carl Olfe (US Air Force retired) says:


We walked over to one side of the lab and he said by the way, we've discovered a base on the backside of the moon...And then he pulled out one of these mosaics and showed this base, which had geometric shapes. There were towers. There were spherical buildings. There were very tall towers. And things that looked somewhat like radar dishes but they were large structures. [37]


Though I believe that NASA is part of GSIGs and suppressing information about extraterrestrials and new technological innovations (which Icke believes as well), I don't have any reason to doubt their claims about the core of the moon. If the day comes when extraterrestrials show up and say that NASA has been bullsh*tting us about the core of the moon, Icke is free to say I told you so.


But Icke's relationship with liberal media outlets is just as bad as Jones. While Jones has the infamous Megyn Kelly interview debacle, Icke has the 2016 Today Show where they ridicule him for his shape-shifting reptilian Babylonian brotherhood conspiracy. [35]


Aside from new age experiences, where does Icke get his information about the supposed reptilians? Indigenous/aboriginal people. Is that falsifiable information? No. It's just stories/myth. Icke takes those stories, combines it with his new age experiences, throws in modern information about GSIGs and've got a reptilian shape-shifting conspiracy.


But that's only part of the conspiracy. The real meat and potatoes of Icke's conspiracy theory is that extraterrestrial dimensional beings (outside physical reality) are the ones pulling the strings on the Earth:


It [the proverbial rabbit hole] goes into deeper levels, beyond them...deep in the hidden secret society network and eventually it goes out of this dimension. And that's where this whole thing is really coming from. Beyond the frequency range of visible light...and it involves non-human entities, some of them...people call the greys. The main ones, I would say, and have been saying for a long long time, take a reptilian form...They can come for so long, but their vibrational difference...incompatibility, means they have to...ah leave...can't stay for long. And then there are technological ways they could stay for longer. And they operate outside visible light and they manipulate this reality through bloodlines, interbreeding bloodlines...and we call them the illuminati families. [38]


...and this image [a picture of Bush Sr. being controlled by a reptilian while meeting a person] symbolizes the fact that he looks at him with visible light and sees George Bush. Nothing else. What people don't see because it's outside the frequency range of their decoding system is there are entities around these people who are actually controlling these people's thoughts, actions etc... [39]


Icke isn't just talking about physical extraterrestrials in our galaxy or physical universe. He's talking about extraterrestrials pulling the strings from non-physical reality. I find it odd that these highly advanced species need primitive humans to enter our world.


Allow me to be clear. There is zero evidence that dimensional beings are pulling the strings. Why? Because there's no falsifiable evidence that beings outside of physical reality exist.


In my theory of radical dualism, I advocate that physical reality necessitates the existence of non-physical reality such as the dreamstate (see Philosophy of Mind in Philosophy Reborn Part I: Purpose). But I don't have any evidence that extraterrestrial beings inhabit these non-physical realms. While I believe that they do, I have zero falsifiable evidence for it. And no, dreams don't count as falsifiable evidence.


And just in case you're wondering, there's zero evidence for illuminati reptilian bloodlines. If you believe in dimensional reptilians, you might as well believe that the devil whispers in your ear every night in your sleep and uses his demons to influence you when you wake up.


In reality, there's no falsifiable evidence for spirit possession either (despite the Hollywood horror movies). But that's the level that Icke is on. If you listen to his super long lectures, you'll see that he's completely out of touch with reality and very much in touch with his new age ideologies.


And to package all of this information, Icke uses dreams, Out-Of-Body-Experiences, astronomy, DNA awakening, third eye awakening, and other new age ideologies/phenomena. Though I experience a few of those things in my teenage years, I'm still grounded in reality (though there were a few close calls).


New age ideology has a way of severely distorting your perception of reality. And if you're not grounded in physical reality, you can get very confused and lost (like many new age believers today).


And just in case you're wondering, no, the infamous white light of protection is not going to protect you from an oncoming car in busy traffic. You'll be dead just like any other idiot. When new age believers go down the rabbit hole, many don't come back out. I should know, I'm one of them. And I barely came out of the rabbit hole still intact.


In dealing with 4th dimensional beings (Anunnaki/Reptilians), new age believers tend to believe that the white light will protect them and their loved ones from being hurt, tortured, or killed. But reality doesn't work that way. Life tends to be cruel just when you think you have everything. And that applies to new age and religious believers just as much as it applies to everyone on the planet.


And now we get to ritual human sacrifices. Icke believes that GSIGs (who are controlled by dimensional reptilians) are ritually sacrificing people. Why? To appease the Babylonian reptilian gods. And what about the symbolism? Occultism. Remember from the Deep State article, occultists and the priest class believes that conditioning is really esoteric images that have power.


But I argue that it's insignificant. Yes, many buildings in the US and EU have occult symbolism. That doesn't mean that it holds any power over the average person. Yes, the Starbucks image is that of a pagan goddess. Do the customers care? No. And if they don't value the image, no esoteric energy can be transferred to the supposed goddess.


Again, conspiracy theorists become useful idiots for GSIGs in selling their viewers/listeners/ the ideology that symbolism holds power over them. The priest class and occultists believe that symbolism holds power because that belief (that esoteric energy) acts as food for the esoteric image, the people pushing that image, and the supposed gods who create it. It's a bit complex for beginners, but once you go down the rabbit hole, it's easier to understand.


In objective reality, symbolism has no power over you. If it has any power at all, it only has power if you believe that it holds power. Even if GSIG claim that you're feeding their gods, you can choose to reinterpret the image and the conclusion.


In the past, the Roman Empire reinterprets pagan festivals as Christian ones. In the past, Nazis reinterpret the swastika. Prior to that, the swastika has hundreds of different meanings for various cultures and religions. Wikipedia the term swastika and see for yourself.


The same goes for animals that GSIGs use in their ceremonies/festivals. Yes, they use an owl in ritual sacrifices at Bohemian Grove. And yes, the bible depicts snakes as evil. But you don't have to believe in that interpretation. You don't have to let others dictate what has power or meaning to you. You decide. You have the final say.


I'm sure that most of these animals (if they could talk) would say that they're getting a bad rap. I'm sure that snakes are just trying to keep it real. I'm sure that owls are wise creatures peering into your soul with their huge eyes.


You don't have to believe in the images/symbolism that GSISs use. Why not? Because you decide what images have power and meaning in your life. You decide whether you want to interpret it through a positive or negative lens. You don't have to let GSIGs make that decision for you. You have the final say.


And no, Icke is NOT racist or anti-Semitic. This is just claims from incompetent or useful idiot journalists. For icke, consciousness is our real essence. The physical form is just that. A person’s ethnicity makes no difference for Icke in the great spiritual battle between empowerment and slavery of the mind.


All conspiracy theorists criticize GSIG members, and Jewish people are no exception. While the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) is necessary today, they tend to overreach in labeling people anti-Semitic. And no, most visible minorities (brown, black, and Asian) aren't anti-Semitic. Why not? Because we know that if Jews are f*cked, we're f*cked as well.


Like most conspiracy theorists, Icke is against royal families. And it's a legitimate point. The fact that royals only have their titles due to their genetics is absurd. The fact that most of the global public is okay with this is powerfully absurd.


By refusing to abolish royal titles around the world, we're tacitly saying that royal genetic bloodlines are superior to non-royal bloodlines. And that's a problem, even in a false democracy (let alone a real skoparxist democratic government).


To be fair to Icke, it makes sense to keep these royal bloodlines pure if these royal families secretly believe that they're descended from dimensional reptilian gods. Hilarious and tragic at the same time.


Both Icke and Jones want people to stop listening/watching mainstream media outlets and liberal media outlets. They want people to stop being a slave to corporations or governments (with the exception to Trump for Jones).


Icke advocates spiritual solutions to fight the reptilian overlords instead of protests or civic action. He wants the global community to unite as one through love and meditation to empower themselves and everyone around them (fighting injustice along the way).


Jones on the other hand, doesn't believe in physical or non-physical extraterrestrials. Though he still believes in angels and demons (which could be classified as non-physical extraterrestrials). But he still believes in a possible alien invasion hoax by GSIGs (like Steven Greer). He only believes in physical aliens as animal-human chimeras and as Artificial Intelligence (AI).


Jones believes that stopping the globalists is the big pictures, and that aliens and the UFO issue is not important. But Icke, Steven Greer, and Simon Parkes all believe that the war for the control of humanity by extraterrestrials is the larger picture, and that protests against the globalists represents the smaller picture and is less significant.


Icke also recommends overcoming your fear of everything (even death). Why? Because he believes that people are having spiritual experiences in a physical body. And no, that's not from scientology. Scientology is just a blend of new age, secret societies, and intelligence networks. The way that scientologists infiltrate the US government in the past would put US spies in the Soviet Union to shame.


One interesting point is that Icke refuses to vote. And I agree. Voting people into power to make decisions for you is not (and never has been) a democracy (see Philosophy of Governance & Economics in Philosophy Reborn Part I: Purpose). Sadly, liberal media outlets don't understand that and continue to believe and advocate for their false democracy.


While Jones is completely lost in his Christian conspiracy ideologies, Icke is completely lost in his new age conspiracy ideolgoies. Both go down the rabbit hole but never really come back out. Both believe that they're spreading the truth to the global public.


While I believe that both have the right to spread their conspiracy theories, I don't recommend them as role models for you. Why not? Because both of them are completely lost in their ideologies. Both have an unbridgeable gap in their perception of reality vs. reality itself.

Though Jones and Icke are deadly serious about their conspiracies, I see it as a joke. Again, as a man of comedy, I don't take anything seriously. As a philosopher, I take everything seriously. I try to find a balance in between but lean to the non-serious side.


All progress, growth, and development for humanity is a joke until the people (not governments) decide policy. A skoparxist government only exists to implement the will of the people (the majority will). You tell me. How long will you stay in your illusions about this false democracy? How long will it take to admit what you already know but choose not to say publicly?


Dr. Steven Greer

Dr. Steven Greer is a very interesting and more down to earth conspiracy theorist. The fact that he's a former emergency room doctor may explain it. The fact that a real medical doctor is a conspiracy theorist adds a significant degree of credibility to the conspiracy theory movement.


Greer believes that GSIGs will use their reverse engineered extraterrestrial technology and fake extraterrestrials to hoax a false flag in order to unite humanity through fear. [37] [40]


Greer's interest in UFOs begins when he sees a UFO as a child. He has a Near-Death-Experience (NDE), meets two celestial beings, and comes back fully healed from an accident. [41] In college he has numerous Out-of-Body-Experiences (OOBEs), meets with extraterrestrials on a ship, and creates the contact protocols he advocates today. [41]


These experiences cause Greer to move forward with UFO disclosures for the government and global public. Greer even claims that France's Ministry of Defense asks for his help in making contact with extraterrestrials. [37] While such claims may be too much for the average person, most people will be open to the possibility. Even the 2016 season of the The X-Files involves an extraterrestrial false flag plot.


Greer has been a tireless advocate of UFOs beginning with his May 2001 press conference at the National Press Club and continuing today with his 2017 documentary Unacknowledged. And Greer has the documents and eye witness testimony from former US military and intelligence officials. That's impressive.


Former NASA astronauts Edgar Mitchell and Gordon Cooper both admit to being aware of extraterrestrials and government research on extraterrestrial ships. [37] Rationally speaking, you can't just laugh that off. Prominent attorney Daniel P. Sheehan claims that major media outlets will refuse to publish classified information on UFOs (though I'm skeptical of such claims). [37]


After watching Unacknowledged, if you don't believe that extraterrestrials exist and a massive cover-up exists, nothing will convince you. Liberal mainstream and alternative media journalists who ridicule such things are either incompetent, lost in bubble wrapped ideologies, or useful idiots to GSIGs.


I need to see if for myself. Ah...yes, the only credible rebuttal. But Greer says that's exactly what extraterrestrials don't want. The moment their ships appear in public, GSIGs will declare that they're an enemy and that humanity must unite together to fight the evil aliens.


And many religious believers (Christians, Judaists, Muslims, and Scientologists) will quickly toe the line and stand behind the message of destroying these supposed demonic beings. Oddly enough, many non-religious believers will also toe the line. Why? Because the conditioning from Hollywood and liberal media outlets is that good.


In dire circumstances, the public will put aside their rationality and believe in Big Government to save them from the evil invaders. People in the weapons industry will salivate with unlimited funds to destroy the evil aliens. If such a moment ever occurs, all parties will lose, except for GSIGs of course. In 2004 the US Air Force develops anti-matter weapons. [42] God knows what they have in 2017.


So what sparked the sudden rise in UFO sightings? Nuclear power. Greer believes that the atomic weapon and new form of energy is the main reason why extraterrestrials keep showing up so frequently. Why? Because humanity now has the power to destroy itself and the planet.


The sighting of UFOs near nuclear plants, [37] is supposedly a friendly reminder to governments that extraterrestrials don't like where humanity is going in terms of nuclear power. To be fair, it's been over 50 years since the first atomic explosion and we’re still here. Maybe these extraterrestrials should pay a visit to North Korea.


Greer believes that GSIGs have killed off people developing alternative forms of energy and have patents for new forms of energy under a national security seal. While I can buy the latter, I don't believe in the former. Not a single inventor has created a credible alternative means of propulsion/generation other than nuclear fusion. It's just a lot of bullsh*t talk and YouTube videos.

In one video, Greer tells inventors to bring their inventions to him and that he'll unveil it to the public in the 2017 Unacknowledged documentary/gala. [40] Obviously, that doesn't happen. Why not? Because the inventions don't exist. Even the famous water fuel cell by Stanley Meyer’s has never been reproduced. Why not? Because it doesn't work on a scale similar to gas/diesel fuel vehicles.


The conspiracy theory movement and UFO network (including Greer) is full of free energy claims. They usually tout the 1943 Philadelphia experiment where researchers supposedly tap into different dimensions and figure out anti-gravity and almost everything else (with the help of reverse engineered spacecraft). Again, there's no evidence to support any of these claims.


Personally, I don't think we have any real cutting edge technology. The best we have for space habitat is Bigelow Aerospace's inflatable modules. [43] The best we have for energy propulsion in space is former NASA astronaut David Chang's Vasimr engine. [44]


While both are impressive, they fall short of infinite energy propulsion/generation/sustainable living. And remember, we're still using fuel propulsion based on 200 year old technology to send rockets into orbit. Not exactly cutting edge technology.


But the fact that past US Presidents Harry S. Truman, Gerald Ford, and Jimmy Carter, former US Speaker of the House John McCormack, former Special Assistant to the Executive Director of the CIA Victor Marchetti, and former CIA Director Vice Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter have all called for greater transparency of UFO issues, [37] is evidence that the real power doesn't lie with the executive office. It lies within GSIGs.


Many high ranking officials know absolutely nothing about UFO black budget programs (despite asking for information). [37] And no, the release of old CIA documents about UFOs, [45] is nothing special.


But how are all of these supposed UFO programs being funded? It depends on who you ask. Greer believes that the money comes from black budgets that have no congressional oversight. And to be fair $6.5 trillion dollars is unaccounted for in US military expenditures. [46] Others believe that the money is coming from the trillion dollar drug trade with cartels and mafia supposedly in bed with intelligence agencies (unofficially of course).


And why do participants of these black budget UFO programs stay quiet? Greer says that it's because people at the top threaten their lives and the lives of their families. [37] What would you do if an unethical organization (without government oversight) threatens to kill your family because of information you know? You'll most likely shut your mouth. The truth of black budget programs vs. the lives of your family. Most people will choose their family.


Most military and intelligence officials will lie about such programs even under oath. Aside from James Clapper and his bullsh*t claim about no surveillance taking place, take a look at the JFK Warren Commission transcript. This is a conversation between Rep. Hale Boggs, Chief Justice Earl Warren, and CIA Director Allen Dulles:


Rep. Boggs: Let's say Powers [a CIA agent] did not have a signed contract but he was recruited by someone in the CIA. The man who recruited him would know wouldn't he?

Mr. Dulles: Yes, but he wouldn't tell.

The Chairman (Warren): Wouldn't tell it under oath?

Mr. Dulles: I wouldn’t think he would tell it under oath, no.

The Chairman: Why?

Mr. Dulles. He ought not tell it under oath. [47]


And this is only concerning the identity of a CIA agent. There's no chance that government officials will be truthful about UFO black budget programs that have no congressional oversight.


Greer believes that former US President John F. Kennedy (JFK) is killed because he wants to declassify UFO programs. [37] But not only that. He believes that Marilyn Monroe is also killed for wanting to go public with the UFO issue. [37]


Unfortunately, there's no real evidence for either claims. It's more likely that JFK is killed because he attempts to break up the CIA, bypass the Federal Reserve, and reintroduce US backed treasury notes. Killing Monroe is most likely tying up loose ends. A lot of secrets tend to go out the window during pillow talk.


Alex Jones believes that GSIGs are trying to assassinate Trump because he's so great. But if Trump tries to bypass the Federal Reserve and issue US treasury notes, you can bet money that his days are numbered (see The Banking State).


One major problem I have with Greer is his claim about all extraterrestrials being friendly. He claims that they can easily destroy our world because of their advanced technology. [37] Since the world still exists, in Greer's book, they have to be friendly.


Maybe their technology isn't that advanced. Maybe they can't go faster than light. Maybe they find a way to slip through a wormhole and appear in any location. Maybe there are consequences if they just destroy our planet. Maybe there are intergalactic rules that they adhere to. Maybe it's esoteric rules. Maybe the Christian god just says no. The possibilities are endless.


But it would be interesting to watch a debate between Greer and Icke since both are new age conspiracy theorists. Greer would argue for friendly physical extraterrestrials and Icke would argue for evil dimensional extraterrestrials.


Ingo Swann (1933-2013), a legendary psychic (though he despises that term), remote views the moon and sees structures on the moon built by extraterrestrials. [48] He claims that the reason why humans haven't set up a colony on the moon is because extraterrestrials won't let them. [49]


In a request for comment I ask Greer:

1. What is your opinion on David Icke's claims about evil dimensional reptilian extraterrestrials feeding on negative human energy?

2. What is your opinion on Ingo Swann's claim (through remote viewing) in his 1998 book Penetration, that extraterrestrials on the moon won't let humans build colonies there?

He says: xxx


Another reason to question Greer is his claim that former CIA director William Colby was about to go public with UFOs with him but was killed by GSIGs to protect the secret. [40] But Colby's son claims that his father commits suicide because of past family guilt. [50] It's up to you who you want to believe.


The biggest problem I have with Greer is that he acts like a gatekeeper, a conspiracy theorist who meters out information. In his workshops, Greer constantly introduces new documents. Greer’s been doing this for over 25 years and he's still putting out new documents? That's a gatekeeper.


However, despite these issues, I still believe that Greer is genuine in wanting people to make contact with extraterrestrials. All with an intention of love through new age methods for the purpose of growth and development of humanity of course.


Simon Parkes

Simon Parkes is a UFO contactee who is a combination of Icke, Jones, and Greer. He believes in physical and non-physical extraterrestrials, along with demonic forces trying to prevent the growth and development of humanity's soul.


Like Greer and Jones, he believes that GSIGs will attempt an alien invasion false flag in order to control humanity through fear. Parkes believes in all of the usual new age ideologies (OOBE, NDE, psychic phenomena/psychic attacks, channeling, ESP, past lives, remote viewing and such).


His background is quite interesting. His says that his mother works for MI5 in the past and his grandfather works for MI6 in the past and has people in the intelligence world protecting him (aside from his extraterrestrial friends). [51] Not unlike Jones' freemasonry/CIA family background.


He also claims to be in contact with various physical and non-physical extraterrestrials (with some being beneficial and others not). Apparently, the Draco-Reptilians/Anunnaki and the Zetas, who manipulate the Greys and Nordics, are against the Pleidians, Arcturians, Lyrans, Sirans, with the Mantids acting as referees. [51]


Well...that's interesting. Though sometimes the Reptilians and Mantids apparently team up to screw humanity once in a while. [51] Who knew? Amazingly, despite these odd claims, he gets elected to public office in 2012 and resigns in 2015. [52]


According to Parkes, all of these different extraterrestrials (some physical, others not) have various intentions towards humanity and other extraterrestrials. But just as humans are not bound by ethnic associations, Parkes claims that extraterrestrials are not bound by race.


Some of them go off on their own and make alliances with other extraterrestrials for a common goal. [51] Apparently, the Pleidians are war-like beings (not like Reptilians though), with only dolphins able to connect with them (which is supposedly why GSIGs want to kill dolphins. [51] I'm not even sure what to say to that. These claims are so unfalsifiable and odd that any comment from me means absolutely nothing.


Aside from Reptilian bases on the Earth, Parkes says that there are bases on the moon and mars, and that they're inhabited by intelligent extraterrestrials. [51] And apparently, djinn are between the 3rd and 4th dimension and hold a grudge against humanity for pushing them out of the 3rd dimension. [51] Hence, the alliance between djinn and Reptilians. Wow. That's something you don't hear everyday.


Parkes says that the illuminati (GSIGs) are serving djinn and reptilians to disempower humanity. [51] He says that illuminati infighting occurs on a regular basis, with some wanting the power of mind control, while others want physical dominance, and others don't want to serve anyone. [51]


Interestingly enough, Parkes says that reptilians have a hive mind and seek dominance and servitude from all other races. [51] Does that sound familiar? Of course it does. It sounds like the Borg from the Star Trek TNG series.


Of course, like all of his claims, there's no falsifiable evidence. But I think that it's important to go in-depth about Parkes beliefs because he's an honest and gentle person. He 's very different from the egocentric Jones or Icke. Though he does believe that people who serve the reptilians can shape-shift (like Icke believes). [51]


Moving to spirituality, Parkes connects a species with a soul. [51] The reptilian species has a reptilian soul. The Mantid species has a Mantid soul. Humans born on the Earth have an Earth human soul. Humans born elsewhere have a different kind of human soul according to Parkes.


Personally, I don't believe any of this. I don't believe this is the correct way to look at souls/consciousness. I believe the correct way is to see a soul incarnating through various species, with each incarnation creating different impressions on the individual soul. But the soul itself doesn't belong to/limited to one species. But again, all of this is unfalsifiable.


Parkes says that most extraterrestrials are 4th dimensional beings but can manifest in the physical 3rd dimension. [51] Hence, some reptilians are here physically, while others are safely on their home planet in the 4th dimension (whatever that means).


Parkes says that there are secret agreements between various governments and various extraterrestrial factions, and that they do research in underground military bases. [51] This conflicts with Greer's claim that there are no secret agreements. A debate between Parkes, Greer, and Icke would be very interesting to hear.


Again, all Parkes provides is his word. And though he's a genuine person, testimony without documents or visible UFO actions isn't worth much to people who require falsifiable evidence. Aside from evidence, people in the new age movement (like myself) trust their intuition if there's nothing else to go on. And my intuition says that Parkes is honest and not someone who should be dismissed.


Parkes says that the ruling Draco-Reptilians are white in skin color. Hence, they favor white people. [51] Though I don't believe such beings exist or are controlling GSIGs, this can be one reason why WE white people colonize the world by force. They believe (because of their supposed Draco-Reptilian rulers) that white people are the purest and superior to everyone else.


Amazingly, Parkes goes on to say that the Draco-Reptilians place non-physical implants in WE white people in general in order to control them. This is supposedly why WE white people are easily controlled. [51] Umm...what?


And since dark skinned visible minorities don't have such implants, they're more difficult to control says Parkes. [51] That's umm...interesting. If humanity ever moves into understanding energy that's one of the first things I'd recommend confirming or refuting.


Parkes says that the Earth is a prison planet in order to feed energy to reptilians (via worship, obedience, fear, anxiety, and such). [51] In terms of creation stories, Parkes believes that the Christian myth of Adam and Eve refers to the reptilian creators. Supposedly, the reptilian creators tell Adam and Eve that they belong to them and have to worship and obey reptilians as their god. [51]


This may be one reason why many GSIGs believe in the Judeo-Christian-Islamic myth of Adam and Eve. On the surface, they're telling the public the truth (that they believe in such things). But behind the scenes, they believe that they know the real interpretation. That reptilian extraterrestrial rulers are the gods in the mythical garden and deserve obedience and worship.


Hence, all the people who believe in the Judeo-Christian-Islamic myth are tacitly giving their energy (via obedience/worship) to Reptilian extraterrestrials. But then again, people can reinterpret things in their own way. Just because they worship X doesn’t mean that the supposed life energy really goes to Y.


But then again, I can still make the opposite argument. It's similar to the secret interpretation of the US Patriot Act. The Patriot Act is available for anyone to see. But in reality, the Bush and Obama administration have a secret interpretation of it, [53] and that's how they justify the surveillance state. It's the same for the potential reptilian origins for Christianity.


If the reptilian creation story is true, a lot of biblical scriptures would make sense. Why? Because reptilians (according to Parkes) are jealous beings that want humanity to worship them. Instead of the jealousy of other gods, the scriptures are actually referring to other extraterrestrials that are in regular conflict with the reptilians. Again, it's unfalsifiable, but an interesting interpretation of history nonetheless.


Getting back to more concrete issues, Parkes says that the purpose of CERN particle accelerators is to slow down humanity's spiritual ascension. [51] Again, these are usual claims by new age believers. They connect spirituality with major physical events and make a prediction/claim. Like I said, there's a lot of flakiness with the new age movement. But it doesn't mean that you have to throw the baby out with the bath water.


While there's no credible evidence that particle accelerators exist for nefarious purposes, generally speaking, billions of dollars isn't usually created just for scientific growth. It's created with a beneficial purpose in mind. What that purpose is in regards to particle accelerators is unknown. But the fact that a group of CERN employees perform a pagan ritual in 2016, [54] doesn't exactly give the impression of scientific growth.


But just like Icke, Parkes has his share of crazy claims. He says that he has a love child with an extraterrestrial...that his real mother is a 9ft extraterrestrial with 8 fingers...and that Nordic extraterrestrials are advising Russian President Vladimir Putin. [55] [56]


In his January 2017 video, Parkes makes future predictions for 2017. He says that a semi-official/NGO organization will disclose contact with extraterrestrials but he worries that it will be used for a false flag invasion. [56] He says that a bank in Italy will go bankrupt, and that the Italian people will choose to leave the Euro and potentially collapse the EU. [57] I guess time will tell, but don't hold your breath.


Parkes says that a black magic spell is placed on money. [58] Umm...okay. He supports a barter and trade system to break the dependence/desire/need for money. Of course, he talks about the usual new age issues about awakening consciousness, vaccines, war, GMOs and such. While I argue that GSIGs are intentionally lowering the health of the mass public, I believe that it’s done with human intentions (to control the masses).


Though I don't believe in anything that Parkes says, I'm keeping an open mind. If I have experiences in relation to such things, I may change my mind. That's what being open-minded means. You don't necessarily believe in X, but you're not against believing it either.


Parkes recommends that people should change their mindset/perception of reality. Believing that you can honestly make a significant change in the world is the goal for Parkes vs. choosing to go along with extraterrestrial conditioning as a slave. Real growth and development for Parkes (which I would agree with) is the spiritual evolution of the mind, not one of external computing technology.


Richard Griffin (Professor Griff)

Richard Griffin is similar to Jones in his theories, but still has as unique point of view. This is a man who calls the MEDIA the Multi Ethnic Destruction In America. [59] While I respect what Griffin is doing, I can't call him a professor or Professor Griff.


Though I have little respect for academia, I still have a minor ounce of respect for their titles. And Richard Griffin is not a professor. As a rapper and military veteran, he's one of the few visible minority conspiracy theorists who strives to raise the consciousness of all people (especially the black community).


Griffin wants to wake people up to the reality of the illuminati/freemasonry (GSIGs), conditioning, the feminization of black men, the destruction of black culture, the surveillance state, keeping you unhealthy, and occult symbolism from Hollywood and the music industry [60] [61]. In the past, black rappers use to be against the establishment through their lyrics. Sadly, today, they're just lackeys of it. And that's not accidental. That's intentional.


As a brown visible minority myself, I can see why Griffin is very much against the system. GSIGs are intentionally suppressing the empowerment of visible minorities on the global scale (see The Conspiracy Against Visible Minorities). Of course, it's much worse for black people. Why? Because of their dark skin. As you should know by now, Hollywood and the music industry prefers white people or light skinned visible minorities.


Yes, there are visible minority celebrities. But relative to their white peers, they don't count for much. And the ones that do are usually sell outs (like Jay-Z).


Why are GSIGs intentionally suppressing the empowerment of non-white visible minorities? If you believe Simon Parkes, it's because the reptilian rulers (the power behind GSIGs) are white skinned. And anyone who's not is seen as inferior. Again, there's no falsifiable evidence for this, but if it's true, this would explain the intentional racism for almost all of recorded history.


But let's get back to Griffin and his new age/afrocentrism ideologies. Going down the rabbit hole, we find Griffin deep into theories about occult blood ritual sacrifices/oaths.


Umm...what? Yes, if you're new to conspiracy theories, blood sacrifices and blood oaths are not exactly a gentle introduction. But many conspiracy theorists (like Jones, Icke, Parkes, and Griffin) believe that it's happening. I don't believe that it's occurring because there's no credible evidence. But I don't dismiss such claims either.


However you look at it, music stars use a lot of occult imagery, negative lyrics, and ritual sacrifices in their music videos. Many of them openly talk about their various alter egos and present it as normal to the global public. [62] [63]


Can they be doing it just for attention? Yes. It's a crowded market out there. Music and movie stars can only leak their comings and goings to the media with relative success. Sucking in the attention of teenagers is a bit of a challenge in the 21st century. And incorporating esoteric/occult conspiracy theories is one way to stand out in a crowded field.


So that's the non-conspiracy argument. The conspiracy argument is that the ritual imagery and alter egos are not really an act, but the result of blood oaths and/or ritually sacrificing a loved one for fame and riches. If you're Catholic or Christian, the alter egos represent demonic possession. If you're a new age believer, it represents a negative entity attaching itself to you. Either way it’s f*cked up.


Griffin's main war is against the illuminati (GSIGs) for their takeover of the film/TV and music industry. But I would counter with the fact that Hollywood and the music industry have never been free. It's always been under the control of GSIGs.


If you're a nobody and record a great song in a studio but want independent representation while holding onto the copyrights, you won't get any opportunities in the music industry. Why not? Because you're not playing their game. If you want the radio airplay and huge concerts, you have to play their game.


Of course, the music industry has been in flux for the last decade or so due to digital music. And contrary to what you may think, piracy isn't hurting the big names in the music industry. Most music stars don't make significant money from CD or digital sales. They make money from their concerts, merchandising rights, product placements, and product endorsements.


But yes, piracy does hurt independent artists in the beginning. But again, music stars don't make significant money from their music. The indie music infrastructure (like the indie film infrastructure) is slowly getting better.


Unfortunately, many artists see the indie label as a stepping stone for the big labels. Hence, independent brands can never really succeed at the global level. Google "music label ownership Michael Jackson or Prince" and "music label ownership 360 deals" and you'll understand.


GSIGs (through the big labels) keep artists on a very short leash. Why? It depends on who you ask. If you ask a regular person, it's because a music star is a valuable commodity and holds up an entire infrastructure. If you ask a conspiracy theorist, it's because GSIGs want lyrics or visual images to disempower and control the people.


But let's get back to Griffin. He believes that when you attend a concert by someone who's sold out to GSIGs and made the blood oath, you're unwittingly part of the rituals. [64] I'll give you an example. Let's say that you go to a concert with 50,000 people and the music star performs illuminati (GSIG) rituals. Your energy (along with everyone else) becomes part of the occult ritual according to Griffin.


But again, the problem with this claim is that it's relative to ones perception. While GSIGs believe that you're part of the occult ritual. You may not believe that you're part of it. GSIGs interpret the event as an occult ritual. But you interpret it as a regular music concert. Which interpretation is correct?


And this gets in the esoteric nature of intentionality, consent, and life force energy. If you don't give consent to be part of an occult ritual does it count? Does your energy count in the ritual? Or are you giving consent just by being there? If you don’t understand the ritual or symbolism are you still giving your consent and energy?


You could argue that you're giving your energy via attention, but if you're not consciously aware of the ritual, does the energy count relative to the esoteric nature of the ritual? Like most things, it's unknown.


Griffin claims that the following people have been sacrificed by those who make a blood oath with GSIGs in order to become famous and in the $50 million and up club:


Notorious BIG is the sacrifice for P. Diddy

Aliyah is the sacrifice for Damian Dash

Bill Cosby's son is the sacrifice for Cosby

Tupac is the sacrifice for Sug Night

Kanye West's mother is the sacrifice for Kanye West

Michael Jordan's dad is the sacrifice for Michael Jordan

The family of Jennifer Hudson is the sacrifice for Jennifer Hudson. [65] [66]


Allow me to be clear. There is no credible evidence for any of this. Shia LaBeouf and Russell Brand (former A-list stars, now outcasts) don't mention anything about blood oaths. They'll be killed if they say anything. If both stars are willing to swear in court that blood oaths and ritual sacrifices are taking place via accidental deaths, it would be highly irrational to make examples out of them and prove their point.


So that's the argument against such claims. But (and it's a huge BUT) if all of this is true, it would fit into the GSIG reptilian cabal that Simon Parkes believes. Once the blood oath is signed, GSIGs choose the person, place, time, and use low level people to carry out the actual murder.


While I don't believe this conspiracy theory is correct, I don't dismiss it outright. I just keep it in the back of my mind. Again, it may not make sense to you if you're new to the conspiracy theory movement, but if you take GSIGs, reptilians, and occultism into's possible. But just because something is possible doesn't mean that it's actually occurring.


And just so we're clear, the people on the above list are not GSIG members. They're just pawns. In the eyes of GSIGs, they don't hold any real power (including Jay-Z). But in the eyes of the global public, they do hold power. Reality vs. the perception of reality.


Griffin believes that we don't own our own mind because of chronic conditioning. His solution is for you to be aware of the conditioning process and reflect on who's really making the choices, the conditioning or you.


While I agree with his Socratic solution to know thyself, conditioning is merely an influence. It's your choice either way. If you choose to let your conditioning make your choice for you, that's on you.


Just because you make bad decisions in life (overeating, eating junk food, or excessive drug use), doesn't excuse the fact that it's still your choice. As an adult, you're responsible for all of your decisions. You can blame the system and/or government, but in the end, you always have the final say.


Eric Jon Phelps & Nelson Thall (Lenny Bloom)

All roads lead to Rome. That is the claim that both Eric Jon Phelps & Nelson Thall (Lenny Bloom) advocates to their listeners. And what is in Rome you ask? The Vatican of course. Phelps and Thall believe that the Vatican/Jesuits are on the highest rung of the hierarchical GSIG pyramid with all groups: Bilderberg, Council on Foreign Relations, Club of Rome, freemasonry, skull and bones, Knights of Malta, mafia, CIA, Fabian society, and all secret societies as entirely subservient to them.


I disagree. I don't believe that GSIGs operate in a hierarchal fashion with the Vatican playing the role of the priest class (see The Deep State). But I can understand the appeal to think that the Vatican is the highest rung. Why? Because it operates as both a religion and a sovereign state with diplomatic ambassadors. No other religion enjoys such status.


To be fair to Thall and Phelps, the Vatican prohibits followers from reading the bible for over 1000 years. [67] Why? Because the Vatican (the continuation of the Holy Roman Empire) believe that people can only reach god through them.


The protestant movement by Martin Luther is an attempt to undo that ideology. But the protestant movement doesn't begin with Luther in the 15th century. It goes back to the Waldensians in the 12th century and the Albigensians/Cathars in the 11th century.


And Phelps doesn't believe that the Vatican serves the Christian god. He believes that they serve pagan gods. And he may not be that far off according to former chief exorcist Father Amorth:


The Devil resides in the Vatican and you can see the consequences.

...The evil influence of Satan was evident in the highest ranks of the Catholic hierarchy, with "cardinals who do not believe in Jesus and bishops who are linked to the demon," Father Amorth said. [68]


And if you believe in Simon Parkes and extraterrestrial reptilians attaching themselves to their human starts to make sense. See how it all comes together when you look at the larger picture?


The current mainstream view of Islam is that God reveals himself to Mohammed which leads to the creation of the Quran. Simple. Phelps believes that the Vatican (the continuation of the Holy Roman Empire) creates Islam through the Augustinian monks of North Africa. [69]


He believes that these monks tutor and give rise to Mohammed for the purpose of controlling the Arabs, preventing the spread of true Christianity (Protestantism) in the Middle East and to kill Jews. [69] He says that the evidence is in the close symbolism between Islam and Catholicism (pagan images). [69]


While these claims may be news to you, the framework isn't. There are many new age interpretations of Jesus Christ. Instead of being the son of God, some believe that he's initiated into the secret societies/mystery schools in learning the ways of healing, magic, and prophecy.


Personally, I don't care. I don't believe any of the stories. It's all guesswork for historians. Sometimes we create what we want to see. We reinterpret factual history in order to fit our ideologies/the dominant ideology at the time in a specific geographic region.


The problem with the last part about using Arabs to kill Jews is that the Vatican is one of the few protectors of the Jews prior to the enlightenment era. To believe Phelps is to believe that the Vatican doesn't really want to protect the Jews, but wants to appear as if they're protecting them in the eyes of the global public/Catholics. Plots within plots within conspiracies.


Some believe that Jews are the Christian god's chosen people. Others believe that unless they convert to Catholicism or Christianity, they're in the same boat as non-believers. In 2015 the Vatican tells Catholics to stop trying to convert Jews. [70] Since we're not in end times (regardless of what religious believers say) it's unknown how Catholics or Christians should/will hedge their bets in regards to Jews in the future.


Personally, I don't care. Racism is racism. As a non-religious brown skinned visible minority, I know that if Jews are f*cked, I'm f*cked as well. Hence, it's irrational for brown to dark skinned people to be anti-Semitic because we'll eventually be on the same chopping block (just at different times).


But again, that's only relative to the current moment. A month before the supposed apocalypse, you'll probably see a good deal of irrational actions from Catholics and Christians toward Jewish people. Imagine if Christ comes back and says, Yo. These Jews sold my ass out. Why are they still alive? God help Jews against irrational Catholics and Christians.


It may be difficult to understand, but this is the world of religious conspiracy theorists. The symbolism means X because it's inverted. But it can also mean Y when it's inverted. Why? Because that's the way religious conspiracy theorists interpret the actions of GSIGs.


Unless you know the true motives/actions/plans (which we don't), they're just interpreting and reinterpreting their actions. While many conspiracy theorist believe that they know the truth. It's usually unfalsifiable ideological beliefs.


Nelson Thall (Lenny Bloom) is an interesting one though. In many of his YouTube videos, he talks about his time as an archivist for the great Marshall McLuhan. Who?


While liberal media outlets and academia praise McLuhan for his intellectual analysis of the media, in reality it's just opinions from academia. Just as scientists praise each other...just as philosophers inflate the importance of their own works, the same is true of McLuhan.


How do I know? I read his 1989 posthumous book The Letters of Marshal McLuhan. He's just a regular intellectual obsessed with the right and left hemispheres of the brain and the new visual space that television creates.


Interestingly enough, McLuhan attends a Bilderberg meeting in May 1969 (which Thall is aware of). [71] More importantly, McLuhan converts to Catholicism in 1937. [72] Catholicism is the work of the Vatican. And the Vatican is the work of the devil in the eyes of Thall and Phelps.


I could send an email request for comment to Thall about McLuhan's Catholicism, but I can imagine his response. It was another time. He didn’t serve the Vatican. He was a true catholic who loved god. Whatever.


Everyone can justify the shortcomings of their role models and conspiracy theorists are no different. While McLuhan deplores secret societies and hierarchy, he's a devout catholic that believes in the hierarchy of the Catholic Church.


I think that McLuhan believes that he's fighting the elites and liberating popular culture from the realm of academia in the past. In reality, he's doing no such thing. People in academia tend to inflate themselves and the importance of their work.


But let's get back to Thall. He's a former Torstar director, former pilot for the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), and a scion of the rich Thall family that's one of the five families who own Torstar (with the Toronto Star as their flagship product). [73] His brother Martin is currently one of the directors of Torstar. Thall believes that mainstream media outlets are military psychological operations (psyops). [74] That's one way of putting it.


While Thall uses the term agent provocateur for supposed sellouts like Jesse Ventura [74], Phelps uses the term Jesuit coadjudicator. Thall and Phelps believe that the Jesuits and the Vatican have higher ranks than 33rd degree freemasonry. One church to rule them all.


They believe that governments, religions, churches, media outlets, and Hollywood have all been infiltrated by the Jesuits, and that all secret societies and rich white families are subservient to them. [75]


Basically, Thall and Phelps believe that the Jesuits control anything and everything you can imagine. The founding of the US...the Bavarian illuminati...the French Revolution...the assassination of US Presidents Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy...the US civil war...the Bolshevik Revolution...the sinking of the Titanic...WWI and WWII...the CIA...the Banking State...the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia...all of apparently controlled by the Jesuits.


Personally, I believe that Thall and Phelps are completely lost in their ideologies (like Jones and Icke). Where do Thall and Phelps get their information from? Aside from divine revelations from their god, they get it from ex-Jesuit/catholic priests like Charles Chiniquy and Alberto Rivera.


But I urge a more rational approach to such things. Just because a person goes to Boston College, Georgetown, Fordham, or Loyola University doesn't mean that they're carrying out the nefarious orders of the Jesuits, Knights of Malta, or the Vatican.


And just so you know, Thall and Phelps see Alex Jones as an agent provocateur/Jesuit coadjudicator. Why? Because Jones doesn't mention the Jesuits as the controllers. And because of his family background in freemasonry and the CIA. [76] [77]


While the Vatican/Jesuits are at the highest rung in the mind of Thall and Phelps, the globalists are the highest rung in the mind of Jones. In my eyes, they're both wrong. GSIGs don't operate in a pyramid like hierarchal structure (see The Deep State).


In the mind of Thall and Phelps, Jesuits have near absolute power. But for Phelps, it's up to the rich white man to stop them. What about visible minorities? Phelps believes that it's not their fight. [78]


Why not? Because he sees all visible minorities (Jews, Asians, brown people, and black people) as polluting the race of the white man. [79] He believes that the mixing of races is not what the Christian god wants and calls for the creation of a state where the races are separate. [79]


Yes, there's a good deal of racism in Phelps' beliefs. But he's too interesting and important to leave out on this list. I'd love to see a debate between Jones and Phelps in the future. Both have great memories, know history, and believe in their ideologies fervently. It would be a riveting event.


Thall and Phelps believe that everything bad happening on this planet is because people are turning their back against the Christian god via Protestantism. Again, most conspiracy theorists are lost in their ideologies.

And no, Phelps doesn't see humanity's salvation with the rise of Trump. Both Clinton and Trump are Knights of Malta in the mind of Phelps because the Democrats and Republicans are just different shades of the Vatican. [80]




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