Philosophy Reborn

Part III: Science

Philosophy Reborn Part 3: Science


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Ideological science will never lead to genuine growth.

The peer-reviewed process is completely broken. Are you for/against climate change? You can back it up with peer-reviewed articles. Against GMOs? There are peer-reviewed articles for that as well. Are you for/against abortion? What about gene-editing? AI? Global trade? Gun control? Unions? Education? Whatever issue you have, there's a peer-reviewed article that you can use to defend your beliefs. That's not objective science. That's ideological junk science.

How do we fix the peer-reviewed process?
What is animal consciousness?
How does ESP work?
Will technology enable the creation of a new human race?
Are you a visionary scientist? Do you want people to accept GMOs, gene-editing, cloning, and synthetic biology?

You'll find the answers to all of these questions in Part III.


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