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Oil, The 4th Renewable Resource is an indispensable book building on the works of Thomas Gold and Nikolai Kudryavtsev in the quest to prove oil as abiotic. This is an issue shunned by mainstream media and the education system, who continue the passive indoctrination of the fossil fuel and peak oil theory to our children. Supporters in the abiotic camp are scarce due to reputations being irrevocably damaged, but I commend Shawn Alli for having the courage to go against the grain in such a politicized topic. Alli invites readers to look at the evidence of drilling rigs in bedrock areas where no sediment and biological material exists, hydrocarbons on Saturn's moon, and the Fischer-Tropsch process. More importantly this is a book that refutes the theory of oil being the result of pressure cooked animal and vegetative remains that have a finite supply for our industrial use. Alli goes where few will venture, calling oil a renewable resource and comparing its value against other renewable resources. This book should prompt all readers, critics, and institutions to have an open discussion on the creation of oil while asking themselves what agendas are at work in allowing the myth of fossil fuels to proliferate for so long without the usual scientific scrutiny.

Dr. Jerome R. Corsi, Author of The Great Oil Conspiracy and Black Gold Stranglehold.