The Trudeau Series

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The Trudeau Government: Made in China

The Trudeau Series Part 1 of 3: The Trudeau Government: Made in China
The Trudeau Series Part 2 of 3: Justin Trudeau, He's Just Not Ready
The Trudeau Series Part 3 of 3: Justin Trudeau, A Shill for Global Special Interest Groups (GSIGs)

By: Shawn Alli
Posted: November 20, 2017

The Trudeau Government, Made in China

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*Note: I use the term liberal trifecta to refer to liberals in general, liberal/progressive/neo-liberal media outlets, and Democrats.


Allow me to be clear right off the bat. I despise the previous Conservative Harper government and believe that it's beholden to the Chinese government (see The Harper Government: Made in China). Sadly, the Liberal Trudeau government is the same.


Most of Trudeau's policies toward the Chinese government and Chinese corporations (which is really the Chinese government), has been a relationship of subordination. While such a relationship is expected from a Conservative government that advocates free trade, it's annoying when liberals do it. Why?


Because the liberal trifecta claims that it supports the little guys. In reality, all major political parties are beholden to Global Special Interest Groups (see The Deep State). And the Liberal Party is no exception.


While most people, groups, and governments compartmentalize things such as racism or sexism (see The Conspiracy Against Visible Minorities and Women), it's worse for liberals.


Publicly, they claim that they believe in XYZ values. In reality, they support all free trade agreements with the Chinese government that go against XYZ. What about human rights? Money laundering? Homosexuality? Illegal organ harvesting? And censorship in China? It's compartmentalized.


They're a developing nation. They just don't know any better.


Oh please.


Just so you know, the Chinese economy exists to serve Western-European (WE) governments. All of those millions of Chinese workers are serving their European white masters in creating "stuff." It's an interesting relationship because many Asians want to be/look like WE white people (see Visible Minorities Who Want to be White in The Conspiracy Against Visible Minorities).


To what extent is Prime Minister Justin Trudeau beholden to the Chinese government? Sadly, he's all in. Don't believe me? See for yourself:


Chinese investors have won one of the most important commercial real estate auctions in Vancouver history, swooping in to grab a controlling interest in all four towers of the Bentall Centre.

Sources confirmed to the Financial Post that Anbang Insurance Group Co. Ltd., a Beijing-based company with a reported US$114 billion in assets, is buying what amounts to a 66 per cent stake in Bentall I, II, III and IV — a sprawling commercial 1.5-million-square-foot office complex, with some retail, in the heart of Vancouver. [1]


In 2015 alone, according to estimates by Canada's National Bank Financial, Chinese purchases of real estate in the Vancouver metropolitan area amounted to nearly $10 billion…

...In one 12-month period (mid-2015 to mid-2016), the median price for a single-family house jumped nearly 40 $1.17 million...making Vancouver almost as expensive as San Francisco, but with a job market that is far less varied and robust. [2]


Just so you know, Vancouver and Toronto is more or less owned by the Russian and Chinese government/private interests. There's so much drug, gambling, prostitution, and trafficking money flowing into major Canadian cities that it's difficult to keep track of it all. The reality is that Canada is a safe haven for unethical, illegal, and just dirty Russian and Chinese money.


But the average mid-income Canadian worker doesn't see any of this. Why not? Because it's not part of their reality. If you spend all your life in academia in a tenured position, you have very little connection with the outside world. It's not necessarily wrong (though I would argue it is).


Anything outside your ideological bubble doesn't really concern you. You're aware of everything, yes. But it doesn't affect you because you don't usually allow things outside of your perception to affect you.


In the US, it's just as bad. The Chinese government, through its dummy corporations owns:


Waldorf Astoria

Strategic Hotels & Resorts Inc


AMC Theatres

Legendary Entertainment

Open Road Films

Smithfield Foods

Ingram Micro

General Electric Appliances

and potentially the Chicago Stock Exchange.


The US government is lucky that the Chinese government puts the brakes on China's expansion in 2017.


And just so you know, the Liberal Trudeau government is definitely aware of the horrible corruption in China:


"While there have been some positive developments in the past two years the overall trend for human rights continues in a decidedly negative direction," says the report, a copy of which The Canadian Press obtained under Access to Information.

..."In March 2016, President Xi Jinping toured major Chinese television news outlets telling journalists that the media must serve the Party and follow the Party's leadership," the report states.

...It also cites an annual survey of China’s foreign correspondents that found more than half of the 100-plus respondents said they "had personally been subjected to some form of interference, harassment or violence." Journalists said "the overall climate for reporting has deteriorated."

It notes the expulsion of a French journalist in December for publishing an article "critical of Chinese policies," and notes that before foreign journalists can renew their credentials they must be interviewed by the police or the "Public Security Bureau" as well as the foreign ministry.

...While China's constitution allows for anyone to run for election, "in practice" the candidates must be approved by the Communist party, the report says.

Similarly, constitutional provisions ensuring freedom of religion have not led to a guaranteed right of expression, with reports of churches being demolished and crosses being taken down "under the pretext of removing 'illegal structures' that do not comply with zoning and building codes." [3]


How does the Trudeau government square the horrible corruption in China with lucrative business deals? Window dressing:


"We recognize that Canada and China have different systems of law and order and different approaches.

And, it will be very important that any future agreement be based on reflecting the realities, the principles, the values that our citizens hold dear in each of our countries." [4]


Basically, that's Trudeau saying f*ck you to all of his detractors. His character and good looks are merely preventing you from perceiving that blunt statement in its raw form.


And while liberal media outlets criticize Trudeau and the Chinese government from time to time, they play the game and iron out the wrinkles for the Canadian public. Why? Because that's the way the script is written (see The Media). The criticism and opposition by liberal media outlets is just for the sake of appearances. In reality, it's all bullsh*t.


But let's get back to Canada being bought and sold out to Chinese interests under the Trudeau government:


The Trudeau government's point man on foreign takeovers said he's disturbed by news that the chair of Chinese conglomerate Anbang has been arrested by Beijing, but he will not reconsider Ottawa's decision to allow the insurance titan to buy a stake in British Columbia's health-care sector.

...The deal – believed to be worth in excess of $1-billion – gave Anbang control of Vancouver- based Retirement Concepts, which is B.C.'s highest-billing provider of assisted-living and residential-care services. The B.C. government paid Retirement Concepts $86.5-million in the 2015-16 fiscal year...

...a majority of Anbang was held by firms fully or partly owned by relatives of Anbang's chairman. It found that 92 per cent of Anbang was held by firms fully or partly owned by relatives of Anbang's chairman, Wu Xiaohui; or his wife, Zhuo Ran, the granddaughter of former Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping; or Chen Xiaolu, son of a famous People's Liberation Army general. [5]


Basically, the Chinese government (via Angbang) is now taking care of most senior citizens in BC. I wouldn't be surprised if young organs start showing up in Chinese seniors in Canada. Nor would I be surprised if organs of 60 to 70 year olds wind up in the bodies of 80-90 year old Chinese seniors. And yes, organs from seniors can be just as good as organs from young people. [6]


And the buyout of Canada (via the Trudeau government) continues:


Chinese and Canadian firms signed 56 deals worth more than $1.2 billion at a ceremony on Thursday, Canadian Trade Minister Chrystia Freeland said in Shanghai.

Freeland said Canada could be a great partner for China, but Ottawa officials are "taking our time" over a free trade agreement. [7]


Taking our time with a free trade agreement? Oh please.


The previous Harper government already signed and ratified the Canada-China FIPA deal which enables massive foreign investment in Canada. Only time will tell whether Canadian taxpayer dollars will be paying for FIPA arbitration in regards to Canada's climate change policies.


With investment in the bag, a Canada-China free trade deal is just gravy for the Communist Chinese government, which Canada is supporting 100%. A zero barrier to Canada-China trade will put the final nail in the coffin for Canadian industries. They can't compete against slave/sweatshop labor in Chinese corporations and their cheap labor market/goods.


And the sellout of Canada (via the Trudeau government) continues:


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is making his strongest defence yet of his government's decision to allow a Chinese telecom giant to take over a Canadian satellite technology company.

...Hytera Communications Co. Ltd. is set to take over Vancouver-based Norsat International Inc., which supplies materials to the American military and Canada's NATO partners.

...It was only earlier this month that the results of the review were made public when the company said it had been informed that a formal security review wouldn't be required.

...Norsat makes satellite communications systems used for national security and defence purposes. It has a number of government customers in both Canada and internationally, including the Canadian Coast Guard and the Pentagon. [8]


In March, the Liberal cabinet approved the takeover of Montreal high-tech firm ITF Technologies – which the former Harper government had blocked on the grounds it would undermine a technological edge that Western militaries have over China. At the time, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service had recommended against the takeover, saying ITF technology transfer would give China access to "advanced military laser technology" and would diminish "Canadian and allied military advantages." [9]


Canadian hotel owner InnVest REIT's management is backing a friendly $2.1-billion takeover by a private company backed by money from Hong Kong.

Bluesky Hotels and Resorts is offering $7.25 cash for each unit of InnVest Real Estate Investment Trust, which trades on the TSX.

...InnVest owns 109 hotels across Canada, including stakes in some iconic names, such as Toronto's Fairmont Royal York Hotel.

Most of InnVest's holdings come via a 50 per cent stake in Choice Hotels Inc, which in turn owns hotels run under the brand names Comfort Inn, Delta, Travelodge, Radisson, Best Western and Holiday Inn.

Bluesky is incorporated in Ontario but financed by money from Hong Kong. [10]


RCMP assistant commissioner Pierre Perron, a 35-year Mountie, was the national police force's chief information officer until he retired in March. He has been hired by Huawei Technologies as a brand ambassador for the Shenzhen-based company’s police information technology initiative.

...Huawai, founded by a senior officer of China’s People's Liberation Army and long viewed with suspicion by North American governments, has lately been hiring government officials from the West...

...Huawei, the world's biggest telecommunications-equipment manufacturer, sells everything from smartphones to information-technology suites for government agencies. But the company built its brand selling switches, routers and other huge data hubs, which now lie at the core of many countries’ communications infrastructures. [11]


The Chinese telecommunications company Huawei has made the latest of several million-dollar commitments to Canadian universities for research into advanced communications. Huawei announced it is committing to invest between $2.5 and $3 million at the University of British Columbia to support three years of new and ongoing research on advanced communication and 5G-related projects.

Over the past year, the Chinese firm has made several research commitments with Canadian universities such as University of Toronto, University of Waterloo, and Ecole Polytechnique. In total, Huawei says it will invest over $10 million in research projects with Canadian universities in 2017. [12]


The only good thing is that Chinese corporations are losing money in their investments in Canadian natural resources (oil/natural gas). [13] [14] The fact that Canada's main economy is real estate, natural resources, and agriculture is a testament to the low level of development in Canada. Everything else in Canada is just leftovers from US corporations/innovations. God help Canada's meat industry when Beyond Meat is sold in Canada.


And finally we have Trudeau's blatant cash for access similar to Hilary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation:


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was forced to defend his party's fundraising methods in the House of Commons Tuesday after media reports emerged revealing he attended a fundraiser with Chinese businessmen who went on to donate $1 million to the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation.

"The prime minister was the star attraction at this exclusive cash for access event with Chinese billionaires," said Tory MP Blaine Calkins during Tuesday's question period.

"Zhang Bin is a political advisor to the Chinese government, and after attending the event, he and his partner...donated $1 million to the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation including $50,000 to build a statue of the former prime minister.

...Trudeau attended the fundraiser in May at the Toronto home of Zhang Bin, a wealthy Chinese­Canadian businessman who is also a political advisor to the government in China.

Also in attendance at the $1,500 a plate fundraiser was Shenglin Xian who, at the time, was awaiting approval from federal regulators for his bank to be approved in Canada. Wealth One Bank of Canada was given final approval a few months later in July... [15]


Let's recap. The Chinese government/Chinese interests own natural resources in Canada, high end real estate, retirement homes, and Canadian satellites. All of this occurs without the necessary due diligence due to Trudeau's cash for access deal in "smoothing things out" for Chinese investors.


While Canadians won't be saluting the communist country anytime soon (that's not how GSIGs operate, see The Deep State), but most of the things we value are made, controlled, or owned by the Chinese government.


It's up to you to decide if that's a problem or not.




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