The Trudeau Series

Part 3 of 3:

Justin Trudeau, A Shill for Global Special Interest Groups (GSIGs)

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The Trudeau Series Part 3 of 3: Justin Trudeau, A Shill for Global Special Interest Groups (GSIGs)

By: Shawn Alli
Posted: November 20, 2017

Justin Trudeau, A Shill for Global Special Interest Groups (GSIGs)

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Climate Change

Saudi Arabia & China

Women & Aboriginals & Visible Minorities

Airport Sell Off

Panama & Paradise Papers

Electoral Reform


Climate Change

I've already said quite a lot on the unfalsifiable ideological science of climate change. But I'll repeat it for newcomers. Climate change science is junk science. Why? Because the theory isn't falsifiable. You can't prove climate change theories to be false.


If you can't prove a theory to be false, it has no basis in science. It's just ideological science like that of eugenics, men's superior intelligence, hair-testing, bite-mark analysis, and cholesterol and fat causing heat disease. All of these so-called "sciences" are seen and defended as objective science in the past by government, industry, scientists, and liberals (see Philosophy of Science in Philosophy Reborn Part I: Purpose).


Climate Change has as much science as the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (Academy Awards). Contrary to what you may believe, there's no objective science in the Academy Awards or Hollywood. It's just a sexist and racist profit machine spitting out liberal/GSIG conditioning and the occasional breakthrough movie.


And a few climate change believers know this. That's why they're using fear mongering to keep you in a perpetual state of fear with doomsday scenarios hundreds of years or more in the future. You see...that's all they have. They have no significant ability to predict anything. The California drought will only get worse. Sorry, but the drought ends with flooding on the way.


Contrary to what you may believe, there is no objective science in climate change. It's just scientists observing and interpreting events to fit their current ideologies. They do the same for eugenics, racism, sexism, and men's superior intelligence over women in the past. Sadly, these climate change believers have to operate within the framework of fear. Otherwise, their life has no meaning in trying to save humanity and the planet from the scourge of carbon dioxide.


The same is true for the transgender issue. Sure, you can argue that gender is a social construct. But you can't argue that it applies to biological sex (male/female). Biological sex is very real (with exception to people who are born with both male and female reproductive organs). But today's liberals and feminists are reinterpreting basic objective science in order to fit their unfalsifiable ideologies.


Allow me to be clear. These people are lost in their ideological bubble. You can't help them. They're too far gone in their ideological rabbit holes. Just leave them be and hope for their ideologies to die out.


Sadly, for liberal dreamers and climate change believers Trudeau is just as bad as Obama. Both of them continue to issue new licenses for oil and natural gas corporations (see Years of Living Dangerously Series Debunked) There's no pie in the sky phase out by Trudeau or Obama or even the German government and their coal mines generating electricity. Why not? Because they're shills for Global Special Interest Groups (GSIGs).


They're just giving the public what they what to hear. They don't actually believe that climate change with destroy the planet or humanity. If they did, they would be vegan, phase out coal, oil, and natural gas, and stop issuing new licenses to oil and natural gas multinationals.


Ironically, Trudeau is one of the greatest enemies to climate change. Why? Because Canada is abundant in natural resources, especially oil and natural gas. And since Canada doesn't have a real economy besides real estate, natural resources, agriculture, and the leftovers from Silicon Valley, it has to rely heavily on oil and natural gas profits.


The Trudeau government is still investing in roads for mineral extraction. [1] That's how bad the economy is in Canada. It's just not evident because of the real estate boom and oil/natural gas profits covering it up.


Organizations that claim to believe in climate change are still investing in oil and natural gas. Why? Because it's profitable. Contrary to what you may believe, Elon Musk's Tesla is barely breaking even on their infamous Model S electric cars. Why? Because the demand isn't there.


And even if demand is there, it's an artificial market due to government incentives (paid with your taxpayer dollars). That's why Tesla had to buy Solar City. It's not profitable. That's why Tesla is nearly $2 billion (USD) in debt. [2]


Still not sure about Tesla? See for yourself:


Despite a record level of revenue for the quarter, Tesla reported a $671 million loss this quarter, its largest ever, and compared to a $336 million loss in the previous quarter. The company reported a $21 million profit in the third quarter of 2016 and an $888 million loss for all of 2016. Its total liabilities are now up to $22 billion... [3]


Elon Musk is vehemently anti-union because he expects to replace most workers with full automation. Other carmakers will license that technology and replace their workers as well. Whether it's electric cars or gas/diesel cars, automation will replace more than 90% of the automotive labor force. All in the name of climate change and efficiency of course. But until energy (which everyone supposedly supports) is not profitable at all.


And while Musk promises liberals, government, and industry a pie in the sky future with electric cars and batteries, the world is currently run on oil. And a few hundred thousand electric cars won't make a significant difference (see The Environmental Movement).


And speaking of no significant difference, Trudeau's future carbon cap and trade program won't actually do anything for the planet. But it definitely does something for the Canadian government's revenue stream.


As a Canadian, I'm ashamed of being part of a system that designates carbon dioxide (a gas that all humans breathe out) as a pollutant. And for all the climate change believers, pricing carbon has zero basis in falsifiable objective science. But it does have a strong economic basis in creating a new revenue stream for the federal/provincial/state government.


In Ontario, Premier Kathleen Wynne has already inflated our electricity market (see Years of Living Dangerously Series Debunked). Worse, she's trimmed 25% off the inflated price as a tactic for the upcoming 2018 election:


Auditor general Bonnie Lysyk estimates the scheme, unveiled last May, could cost Ontarians an additional $4 billion in interest charges over the next 30 years.

In Lysyk's latest salvo against the provincial government in her ongoing accounting dispute with Queen’s Park, she expressed outrage at how the hydro rebate will appear on the books.

"The accounting proposed by the government is wrong," said the auditor general, decrying the use of U.S. accounting standards that enable the Liberals to bankroll the rate cut through the new government-owned OPG Trust.

..."They had to come up with something that would not derail the government's promise to present balanced budgets for 2017-18 and the next few years," she said Tuesday. [4]


This is the Ontario government's version of Hollywood accounting. Sadly, I don't think that another party can beat them in the 2018 provincial election. Why not? Because provincial Conservative leader Patrick Brown looks like Voldemort from the Harry Potter film series.


Oh dear lord.


I don't care how good your policies are. Canadians/Ontarians won't vote for someone who looks like Voldemort. Google his name and click the image button and see for yourself. It's not pretty by any means.


My apologies for the superficial remarks about ones looks. Even though I'm a philosopher and look for character and inner beauty...there's a limit. Again, my apologies but I'm only human.


Even environmentalists are starting to get wise to Trudeau's disingenuous climate actions:


But those words [at the Paris climate summit] are meaningless if you keep digging up more carbon and selling it to people to burn, and that’s exactly what Trudeau is doing. He's hard at work pushing for new pipelines through Canada and the US to carry yet more oil out of Alberta's tar sands, which is one of the greatest climate disasters on the planet.

Last month, speaking at a Houston petroleum industry gathering, he got a standing ovation from the oilmen for saying: "No country would find 173bn barrels of oil in the ground and just leave them there." [5]


With both Obama and Trudeau issuing a temporary ban on Arctic drilling, it's just for the appeasement of the climate change movement. In 5-10 years all of the ice will be gone and ready for drilling.


Saudi Arabia & China

Saudi Arabia is the antithesis to everything on the planet and human decency. The fact that Western-European (WE) governments around the world do business with the Saudi mafia family is akin to doing business with murderers, rapists, and psychopaths.


And yet the Trudeau government is in business with these people by sending them light-armored vehicles for $15 billion (Cdn). [6] Even federal courts don't care about morality and allow the sale to proceed. [6] Sociopaths and psychopaths should take note. If you want to sell weapons to dictators, the Canadian court system won't stop you if you're the prime minister.


One of the realities that economists and liberals deny is that capitalism and morals don't fit together. Capitalism is an amoral system. If it's profitable to engage in moral actions, businesses will do so. But if it's not profitable, they won't.


The rest of the non-profitable business actions are for branding purposes. Public perception is a strong factor in a business succeeding. And it's good business if the public trusts a corporation via unprofitable moral actions.


You should always be aware of the distinction between reality vs. the perception of reality. The alleged Harvey Weinstein sexual abuse and the massive fallout is an example of reality vs. the perception of reality.


On the surface, the Weinsteins of the world claim that they advocate for women and/or donate generously to charitable organization. But it's only a PR/ideological stunt to hide their sociopathic/unethical actions. Reality vs. the perception of reality.


Why does the Trudeau government deal with Saudi dictators? Because he's a GSIG shill. That's the way the game is played. You say X for climate and ethics but do Y instead and compartmentalize any contradictions. This is the way WE false democracies work.


A group of oligarchs get voted in by the people and make whatever policy decisions they want. This is not (and never has been) democracy. A real democracy can only exist in a skoparxist government where the majority will (80% of the people) create policy (see Philosophy of Governance & Economics in Philosophy Reborn Part I: Purpose).


And then we go back to the Chinese government again. While the Chinese government argues against WE protectionism, the entire communist government is based on protectionism. The fact that liberals applaud them for their noble economic statements is a testament to how good the GSIG conditioning is.


And just so you know, the Trudeau government (like all past Canadian governments) don't tax foreign multinationals doing business in Canada. And that lack of taxation chips away at any Canadian company's ability to operate, let alone make a profit.


Aside from GSIGs (via WE governments) allowing the Chinese government to destroy the WE manufacturing industry, Chinese interests (be it government or private) are rapidly copying any invention they can get their hands on.


But this doesn't matter to Trudeau because Canadians are not exactly known for their innovative abilities (aside from director James Cameron). And for Canadians that do innovate, they usually head to the US for greener innovation pastures (like James Cameron).

Even today, after all of the bullsh*t agreements and blatant Chinese cyberhacking, Chinese interests are continuing to steal and acquire US intellectual property: week after his product hit Kickstarter in December 2015, Sherman was shocked to see it for sale on AliExpress—Alibaba's English-language wholesale site. Vendors across China were selling identical smartphone case selfie-sticks, using the same design Sherman came up with himself. Some of them were selling for as low as $10 a piece...

...Sherman had become a victim of China's lightning-fast copycats. Before he had even found a factory to make his new product, manufacturers in China had spied his idea online, and beaten him to the punch.

...Startups and foreign manufacturers are embracing a new reality—someone in China is going to make a knockoff of your unique invention, almost immediately. All any company or entrepreneur can do is prepare for it.

Sometimes, as was the case with Stikbox and the hoverboard, a factory or design team will spot a fledgling new product on the internet, figure out how it's made, and start churning out near-identical products. Other times, a Chinese partner factory will produce extra units of a product they agreed to make for another company, and sell the surplus items themselves online or to other vendors. [7]


GSIGs should take note of the monster they've created (Chinese interests). While many Asians today see WE white people as superior beings and worship them, ideologies can change as one's power and ambition increases.


The ideology can shift from superior WE white-skinned people to superior white-skinned Asian people (see Visible Minorities That Want to be White in The Conspiracy Against Visible Minorities).


Women & Aboriginals & Visible Minorities

Contrary to what you may believe, the Trudeau government and the Liberal Party in general doesn't believe in the empowerment of women. How do I know? Because they've never had a female candidate for prime minister (Kim Campbell doesn't count). It's just a privileged white man telling women what they should or shouldn't be doing:


It appears that to be a member of Justin Trudeau's government, women (and men) in politics have to toe the party line in terms of the "acceptable" opinion on women's issues. But that's not feminism. And it's definitely not welcoming to immigrants with diverse sets of values.

...The stunt at the status of women committee makes it seem like we've been brought to Canada for a photo-op, but are not actually welcome at the table. How can Trudeau truly profess to be against Islamophobia if my pro-life convictions, shaped by Islamic beliefs, mean I would not be allowed to chair a committee if I were elected? [8]


See The Conspiracy Against Women for a more complete understanding of the issue.


While you might think that visible minorities are empowered under Trudeau's Liberal Party, in reality it's just a privileged white man telling visible minorities what they should or shouldn't be doing.


The federal and provincial Liberal Party has long touted their support for visible minorities for years. And yet, there has never been a visible minority leader in the Liberal Party at the federal or provincial level...ever. That's not accidental. That's intentional (see The Conspiracy Against Visible Minorities).


Still not sure about liberal promises and visible minorities? See for yourself:


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stood quietly with his head down Wednesday as families expressed extreme anger toward him about the inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls.

Trudeau must reset the inquiry led by four commissioners, Maggie Cywink from Whitefish River First Nation said in a speech to an annual gathering on Parliament Hill.

"If you want to be remembered as a prime minister who is healing ties with First Nations, then you must start with our women and families," said Cywink, whose sister, Sonya Cywink, was found slain near London, Ont. in 1994. [9]


At least two local First Nation chiefs were sitting near the front of the hall and while one stood up to challenge Trudeau on his response to tackling mental health issues on reserves, the prime minister publicly dismissed her comments.

Chippewa of the Thames leader Leslee White-eye said she was angry with the tone Trudeau took, and while he offered to talk to her afterward, she said he fails to act in a way that reflects a move toward reconciliation.

"I wanted to re-frame the conversation away from us being talked about like social problems. We can work in partnership, instead of folks being in need of help with whatever crisis is coming our way. [10]


Generally speaking, Aboriginals in Canada are just a chronic annoyance to provincial governments and the federal government. These government departments and officials would experience a new sense of joy if all Aboriginals in Canada died tomorrow. Yes, the situation is that bad (see Aboriginals in The Conspiracy Against Visible Minorities).


And the disempowerment of Aboriginals by the Trudeau government continues:


The federal Liberal government has spent more than $110,000 fighting a First Nations girl in court to block payment for orthodontic treatment that cost just $6,000...

Between January 2016 and April 2017, the government spent $110,336.51 in legal fees as part of its fight to avoid paying for the procedure. The final cost will likely be higher, as a decision on this case was not handed down until May.

...Last fall, the Liberals voted to support an NDP motion that called on the government to stop fighting Indigenous families who are seeking access to services covered by Ottawa — but only two days after that vote, government lawyers were back in court fighting Shiner [the child’s mother].

..."Jane Philpott is a medical doctor, and she goes along with using lawyers to deny services — that's simply perverse, it's bordering on institutional malevolence. [11]


More than 100K to block an Aboriginal girl from getting better teeth? Clearly, these Liberal officials in the Trudeau government are scum. I hope there's a special place in hell for such people.


But that's what I'm trying to tell you. The Trudeau government, Liberal Party, liberals in general, and Democrats...all say X to the public but do action Z for visible minorities. Why? Because that's the way the GSIG script has been written for visible minorities. I know it sounds unbelievable but when you understand it everything begins to make sense.


And the disempowerment of Aboriginals by the Trudeau government continues:


During that [election] campaign he stated repeatedly that while governments had the right to grant permits, only local communities — including First Nations — are able to "grant permission."

But Trudeau, whose government earlier this year adopted a United Nations resolution recognizing the right of Aboriginal groups to "free, prior and informed consent" on economic projects in their territories, said Ottawa doesn’t recognize the unconditional right of First Nations to unilaterally block projects.

"No, they don't have a veto," he said of the three major nations — the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh — who oppose Kinder Morgan [pipeline].

He noted that there are dozens of First Nations along the route in both B.C. and Alberta who support the project... [12]


Veto power/legally binding referendums are characteristics of real power. And these are characteristics that WE false democratic governments don't want you to have. And that's not accidental. That's intentional. Why?


Because GSIGs (via WE governments) have no intention of empowering you, the average person and the masses. Why? Because in their eyes, you're just cattle to be milked for everything you have.


It doesn't make sense to give cattle the power to decide their own fate.


Again, visible minorities only matter to the Trudeau government when they're in-line with liberal ideologies, and outcasts when they oppose them. And no, the inclusion of Aboriginals in the citizenship oath [13] is not empowerment. Why not?


Because the Citizenship oath swears allegiance to the Queen of Canada/Britain (Queen Elizabeth). And past British treaties with Aboriginals are just legal means of subjugating Aboriginals under British rule (see Constitutional Oaths in Whistleblowers: True Patriots of Humanity).


And then we have the racial discrimination of visible minorities at the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), Canada's equivalent of the FBI:


Five employees of Canada's spy agency are seeking $35-million in damages in a lawsuit claiming they suffered racist, sexist and homophobic discrimination by management and colleagues at the Canadian Security Intelligence Service.

Vigneault adds that CSIS "does not tolerate harassment, discrimination or bullying under any circumstances." [14]


In reality, they do tolerate that behavior and have been for quite some time:


The director of Canada's spy service publicly acknowledged Wednesday that his agency suffers from a workplace climate of "retribution, favouritism, bullying and other problems," which he said is "categorically unacceptable in a high-functioning, professional organization." executive summary of a "workplace climate assessment" conducted at the Toronto office of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, which uncovered low morale and a possible exodus of employees who said they felt "disillusioned and disheartened." [15]


While liberals and the Liberal Party advocate for visible minorities, in reality the alliance is relative to one's personal and professional growth. I'll give you an example. Let's say that you're an immigrant that's just arrived from India and can only speak broken English. If you had to choose a political party in Canada to represent your interests, which one would you choose? NDP, Liberal, or Conservative?


Being an immigrant that barely speaks English, you'd probably choose the NDP. Why? Because they are the extreme left. They advocate for immigrants and refugees without fail. They'll go to bat for you under any circumstances.


But let's say that you perfect your English and now work at Tim Horton's. If you had to choose, what political party would represent you? That would be the Liberal Party. Why? Because today's Liberal Party is the middle liberal path. They'll fight for your wages and ensure you pay very little income tax. They'll even make it easy for you to start a self-employed job.


But what happens when you get enough money to buy a Tim Horton's franchise of your own? If you had to choose, what political party would represent you? That would be the Conservative Party. Why? Because the NDP and Liberal platform is toxic to corporations and business owners. If you want to maximize efficiency and reduce liabilities, your business ideologies will have to lean to the Conservative Party and their lower corporate tax rates.


You see...ones political ideologies can be seen as an evolution in terms of your economic value/growth.


Airport Sell Off

Airports in Canada are not-for-profit organizations. Why? Because they serve a public good. That would be like police or TTC being a for-profit organization. A ludicrous ideology. Yet, this is the thinking that Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne uses in privatizing Hydro One (Ontario's main electricity provider). [16] Providing electricity to people on a for-profit framework? I hope there's a special place in hell for such people.


Canadians first learn about Trudeau's airport privatization plans in March 2017. [17] Toronto's Pearson International Airport alone is valued at $5 billion (Cdn). [18] Trudeau's government is even hiring high-priced overpaid consultants to make privatization a reality. [19]


While these types of ideologies are normally aligned with insane for-profit conservatives, they have been adopted by the federal Trudeau government and the provincial Wynne government. Why? Because privatization of public services is in the interests of GSIGs.


And here comes the tangent.


If police services ever get privatized in the future (probably in the US), that's how you know that we've gone beyond the tipping point. But then again, there's no need for that to occur because most police organizations enjoy intimidating and bullying the public.


The protect and serve slogan is just a surface ideology. If you take a look at any major protest, you'll see that most police officers desire and enjoy intimidation, brute force, and bullying.


Most of the honorable baby boomer generation of police officers have retired. Another 10 more years and they'll all be gone. Who will take their place? Sensitive and cracked out of their minds liberal and conservative police officers. A horrible future.


Panama & Paradise Papers

Initially, this subheading was just the Panama Papers. But due to the constant blunders by the Trudeau government, each day is a new opportunity to screw over the average Canadian taxpayer. For those who aren't in the know, the Panama Papers relative to Canada, showed evidence of wealthy Canadians and Canadian corporations using offshore tax havens to evade Canadian taxes. [20]


To be fair, Canada's highest personal income tax bracket is 54%. [20] That's way too high. If you make $1 million in personal income in Canada, you only get to keep 46%. The rest goes to the federal and provincial government. And what did they do to earn this 54%? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Like mafia organizations, federal and provincial governments just want their cut.


While the Trudeau government gives Canadian corporations and wealthy Canadians who have their money in offshore tax havens a break, they'll crack down hard on you, the low to mid-income workers. That's not accidental. That's intentional. Why?


Because like the previous Harper government, Trudeau is just another GSIG shill. It's not in the interests of GSIGs to destroy their own offshore financial infrastructure (see The Banking State).


And just so you know, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and Canadian tax judges are quite chummy with organizations that advocate tax havens:


Senior enforcement officials from the Canada Revenue Agency were treated to private receptions at an exclusive Ottawa club, hosted by a small group of influential tax accountants that included personnel from KPMG — even as the firm was facing a CRA probe for running a $130-million tax dodge in the Isle of Man.

The two soirees took place at the posh Rideau Club in 2014 and 2015, at the same time Canada's tax agency was in confidential talks with KPMG over its refusal to hand over the names of its multimillionaire clients who used the offshore scheme. [21]


Senior enforcement officials at the Canada Revenue Agency attended several posh receptions offering free alcohol and hors d'oeuvres paid for by groups and firms in the tax industry, typically on the sidelines of major national conferences.

The numerous tax firms sponsoring the events included KPMG — which the CRA has alleged for years ran a "sham" offshore tax dodge for rich Canadians — as well as two law firms: Fraser Milner Casgrain (now known as Dentons), which court documents allege advised KPMG on setting up the offshore scheme, and Osler, which has been representing KPMG in court. [22]


The judge overseeing a Vancouver tax court case involving accounting giant KPMG attended an exclusive party in Europe sponsored by the law firm alleged to have signed off on the accounting firm's offshore tax "sham,"... [23]


While you may think that people can't be bought for fancy dinners or private parties, you'd be wrong. Ideology usually sways to comfort, regardless of intentionality.


I had a great time at the dinner last night and met so many wonderful people. I don't think we need to do a full investigation on them. Just a few slap on the wrist fines and I can go back to my parties and social networking.


That's how cut and dry the thinking is.


Why is the CRA and tax judges chummy with organizations that support tax havens (regardless of their bullsh*t PR claims)? Because that's the way that the GSIG buddy system works.


Everyone in the know is friends with everyone else. They just put on a show for you, the average person in order for you to think that no collusion or corruption exists. Collusion and corruption not only exist, it's systemic, just like racism and sexism in Hollywood and Silicon Valley.


And now we get to the recent Paradise Papers relative to Canada and the Trudeau government. Like the Panama Papers, the documents list various wealthy Canadians and Canadian corporations hiding money in offshore tax havens. The hilarious part is that it ensnares Justin Trudeau's family friend and fundraiser Stephen Bronfman: investigation...has found that Bronfman and his Montreal-based investment company, Claridge Inc., were key players linked to a $60-million US offshore trust in the Cayman Islands that may have cost Canadians millions in unpaid taxes.

...It's a 24-year paper trail of confidential memos and private records involving two prominent families with Liberal Party ties that experts say appear to show exploitation of legal tax loopholes, disguised payments and possible "sham" transactions. [24]


As I say time and time again in the Conspiracy Theory series, most actions are done for the sake of appearances, or to follow a GSIG script. Most WE governments and politicians have no interest in empowering you or enabling a real democracy. They're just interested in you living a debt slave life and playing your role as a consumer to be milked for everything you have.


I know it sounds unbelievable. But if you read the Conspiracy Theory series from the beginning to the end, it will all make sense. It's up to you whether you want to stay locked up in your ideological bubble or see reality for what it is. Again, the issue isn't reality itself. It's your perception of reality that's the problem.


Electoral Reform

And finally, we have the false promise by the Trudeau government to reform the Canadian electoral system. While any reforms would be a cosmetic touch-up to a false democracy, a false promise is still a false promise. Trudeau's electoral reform promises die in February 2017. [25]


No referendums on what Canadians want will occur in the near future. Why not? Because contrary to what you may believe, liberals in general don't like referendums. Why not? Because they usually don't get the results they want (Brexit, UAW vote). And if they do get their way (1995 Quebec election), it's usually because of scummy tactics.


Electoral reform, like promises to Aboriginals and visible minorities, are just pie in the sky promises. It's just for the sake of appearances and winning elections in order to wield power and spend taxpayer money. As I mention time and time again, it's power, not sex that is the ultimate aphrodisiac.


Wrapping it all up, for his Halloween costume, Trudeau has the nerve to dress up like Superman. [26] And that's the problem. He sees himself as a savior to everyone.


People just have to fall in-line and do what I say and the saving can begin.


And judging from the successful global box office revenue of Marvel and DC superheroes movies, everyone is waiting for their savoir.




Contrary to what you may believe, Trudeau isn't a democratic leader. He's a gentle oligarch following a GSIG script to disempower humanity. I know it sounds unbelievable, but most truths are until they're confirmed decades or even centuries later. Ideology tends to blind one's perception of reality.


It's your choice whether you want to stay in your ideological bubble or whether you want to go down the rabbit hole and see reality beyond your ideological conditioning.





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