True Patriots of Humanity

Whistleblowers: True Patriots of Humanity

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Whistleblowers are the gatekeepers who holds the keys of the kingdom in their pockets, and capable of revolutionizing all of humanity.

The idea that patriotism is a concept limited to ones government and implies obedience to them is equal to propaganda on steroids. Generational, societal, political, social and religious conditioning reaches into the minds of whole populations and enslaves them in a dreamlike state. Whistleblowers are paradigm shifters who are capable of waking up the masses. And it's high time that the masses wake up, take responsibility for their lapse in judgement, and hold corrupt governments/officials accountable for their actions. In Whistleblowers: True Patriots of Humanity, you'll learn:


How to blow the whistle safely with various frameworks and methodologies.

How to separate the real whistleblowers from the celebrity ones using the Standard Whistleblowing Criterion.

Understand the dynamics of the conspiracy theory movement.

Why many Five Eyes government constitutions and oaths of allegiance are invalid.

Understand the US and UK government's war against journalists.

How mainstream media and alternative media outlets can redefine themselves in the 21st century.


E-Book ISBN: 978-0-9917182-7-6

Paperback ISBN: 978-0-9917182-6-9

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