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Season 1, Part 1 - Dry Season

Part 1 of 9: Season 1, Part 1 – Dry  Season
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By: Shawn Alli
Posted: April 18, 2017

Years of Living Dangerously Series Season 1, Part 1 - Dry Season

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*Disclosure: I am a climate denier, albeit a more rational one.


*Disclosure: I am NOT funded by any oil, natural gas or coal corporations. I am NOT funded by any private interest groups (NGOs, foundations or political entities).



Allow me to be clear right off the bat. Getting celebrities to sell man-made climate change because Western European (WE) scientists have been unable to do pretty low. On the surface, Hollywood represents the beautiful part of humanity. In reality, it's a rotting pile of waste.


And with that cheerful note, let's begin.


Many Hollywood celebrities use private planes:

Angelina Jolie

Tom Cruise

Jim Carrey

Oprah Winfrey

Harrison Ford (it's ironic that Part 1 opens with Harrison Ford flying)

Steven Spielberg

Tyler Perry

John Travolta

Morgan Freeman. [1] [2] [3]


I'm not against using private jets. If you have the each their own within ethics. I'm against someone using it when they claim that man-made climate change will cause a global apocalypse.


To add insult to injury, the Hollywood lifestyle is completely incompatible with the climate change movement. Hollywood is about large production sets, luxurious family vacations, extravagant parties, spas, rehab and such. In the documentary celebrities are merely pretending to advocate for man-made climate change.


Afterwards, they go back to their life of extravagance and disgusting waste that would make a poor Venezuelan cry. I don't know of any A-list celebrities that subscribe to a minimalist lifestyle. But if you want to be a climate change believer, that's exactly what you have to believe in. Those that don't are hypocrites.


And then there are the Hollywood merchandising rights. Where do you think all of those toys, plush animals, and knapsacks come from? They come from China and India. The two worst countries in regards to climate change.


The Hollywood carbon footprint (direct and indirect) isn't to be taken lightly. If celebrities want to advocate for man-made climate change, they have to scale down their luxurious lifestyles. Are they going to do that? Of course not. Climate change is just a popular movement that celebrities are riding on.


In an opening interview with NASA scientist Laura Iraci, Harrison Ford asks how she feels about what's happening. She says:


Personally it's pretty scary. The world is going to be suffering in a lot of ways...for a long time to come.


When she says the term world is she referring to the Earth as a living being with consciousness that feels pain? Since most scientists are atheists, I doubt it. Hence, she must be referring to the people. You tell me. Are people in major cities suffering? Aside from the skyrocketing housing and electricity prices (which is due to alternative energy) What about Hollywood? Are they suffering? Of course not. What about billionaires across the world? Are they suffering? Yah right.


But the people in developing countries are suffering. In reality, most of the suffering in developing nations is due to corruption and WE governments that want to keep them in a developing state in order to exploit their natural resources and people as cheap labor.


The fact that most of your stuff is made in developing countries is proof that countries have value as developing nations. Changing that status means changing the entire global economy. And that's something that WE governments don't want. The IMF and World Bank don't give a damn about helping developing nations rise out of poverty. Aside from exploiting their cheap labor they want to spread their WE hegemony on them via pesticides, GMOs, and multinational corporations.


Moving on, Don Cheadle presents a desolate town in Plainview, Texas. The people are appealing to the Christian god for rain in order to save Texas agriculture. In reality, Texas agriculture is a $20 billion dollar industry. [4]


It's not rocket science to use desalinated water in order to water the crops. Expecting Mother Nature to come running at every whim is asking too much. Even California is starting to use desalinated water. [5]


Texans have the Gulf of Mexico which leads into the Caribbean Sea which leads into the Atlantic Ocean. And no, we won't be running out of ocean water in the foreseeable future for centuries if not millenniums.


While Plainview has been hit hard by drought, other places haven't. While looking at tree rings and coral samples are great, they don't provide an accurate picture relative to specific areas on the planet. The weather in one city is different from the weather in other cities. But the directors don't show this. That's not accidental. That's intentional.


Take a look at the list below and you'll see that all of these farms in Texas are doing great.



6666 Ranch [6]

Nunley Brother Ranches [7]

American Criollo Beef Association [8]

Bandera Grassland [9]

Broken Arrow Ranch [10]

Buck Creek [11]

Burgundy Pasture Beef [12]

Chisholm Trail Grass-fed Beef [13]

Cobb Creek Farm [14]

Coyote Creek Farm [15]

Texas Bred Organic Beef [16]

Cross Creek Cattle Company [17]

Dautobi Acres [18]

Dominion Farms [19]

Everything Jesus! Ranch [20]

Fredericksburg Grassfed Beef Ranch [21]

Glory Farms Mini Herefords [22]

Gramen Farm [23]

The Greer Farm [24]

Heritage Lean Beef [25]

Hickory Lake Beef [26]

K Bar K [27]

La Cabra Meat [28]

Lazy A Ranch [29]

Lindley Organic Farm [30]

P.O.P. Acres Ranch and Farm [31]

Prairie Oasis Farm [32]

Rehoboth Ranch [33]

RR Wilderness Ranch [34]

Sand Creek Farm & Dairy [35]

Shudde Ranch Beef [36]

Terra Sienna Grass Fed Beef [37]

Texas Ranch Beef [38]

Vista Knoll Farm [39]

Vital Farms [40]

Wild Type Ranch [41]

Yonder Way Farm [42]

King Ranch [43]

Sweet Eats Fruit Farm [44]

Sweetberry Farm [45]

Punkin Center Berry Farm [46]

JBG Organic [47]


Fruits & Vegetables:

Windy Creek Vineyards [48]

Wild Berry Farm [49]

Fall Creek Farms [50]

Wolfe Pen Creek Farm [51]

Ham's Orchards [52]

Blase Family Farm [53]

Henrietta Creek Orchard [54]

Froberg Vegetable & Fruit Farm [55]

Funky Monkey Farms [56]

Berryland Farms of Texas [57]

Blessington Farms [58]

Jollisant Farm [59]

Atkinson Farm [60]

Blackberries of Houston [61]

Chmielewski's Blueberry Farm [62]

Matt Family Orchard [63]

Partybarn Farm [64]

Griffin Berry Farm [65]

Blakelock's Berries [66]

Moorhead's Blueberry Farm [67]

P-6 Farms [68]

Pioneer Berries [69]

Oakview Orchard [70]

E&B Orchards [71]

O'Farrell Country Vineyards [72]

Blueberry Hill Farms [73]

Echo Springs Blueberry Farm [74]

Stoneybrook Farm [75]

Alexander Blueberry Farms [76]

Panola Orchard and Gardens [77]

Broken Chalice Farm [78]

Love Creek Orchards [79]

Jenschke Orchards [80]


75 farms for livestock, fruits, and vegetables in Texas should be enough for you to realize the garbage that Don Cheadle is trying to feed you. He says that he wants to know the truth behind the drought. But in reality he already believes that man-made climate change is the cause. No real objective investigation is going to take place. The documentary series is just an attempt to confirm ideological science and get you to believe that it's objective science.


Next up, we have the horrible images of Syria's civil war. Emotional manipulation at its best. And while you're in shock, Thomas L. Friedman of the New York Times (NYT) throws in word manipulation by implying that a drought is the root cause of Syria's civil war, where the fatalities are around 400,000. [81]


And what's the cause of this drought? They leave that blank for now. The directors are smart enough to let the investigation play out so the conclusion will be naturally accepted by the audience. Hollywood social conditioning at its best.


With the background music in play, they leave Syria at a tense moment, with the safety consultant guy saying:


Nobody really knows we're coming, is that correct?


This documentary is worthy of being a fictional Hollywood movie due to the high level of emotional manipulation.


And now we go back to Ford looking at NASA images of the Earth. Apparently, almost everything in the world is underperforming because of man-made climate change. In reality, all major grocery stores in WE countries are fully stocked. There's no shortage of anything. And if there is, it's usually temporary.


Again, asking Mother Nature to provide for the needs of farmers via rain is asking too much. The answer is desalinated ocean water.


And what gives these NASA images credibility? Computer models of course. And these authoritative computer models come from climate scientists attempting to prove that man-man climate change is destroying the Earth.


Of course, pesticides and monoculture from the Green Revolution don't enter into the conversation. That would be like adding facts for the viewer instead of data, word, visual, and emotional manipulation.


The NASA scientists present future images based on these computer models showing catastrophe 100 years into the future.


To put this into perspective, people who believe that oil comes from dead dinosaurs constantly claim that oil is running out (see Oil, The 4th Renewable Resource). The oil scare exists from the early 1900s and dies about 10-15 years ago. What happens? The predictions are dead wrong. All the millions of dollars on oil speculation are completely wrong. Oil, natural gas, and coal are abundant in the Earth in 2017 (even after the insatiable demand for it over 100 years).


Let's try another perspective, population growth. While there are still die-hard environmental and scientific closest eugenicists who want to erase most of the population, the destruction of the world from population growth is completely false.


And no, you can't use poor Africans as evidence for the limited resources argument. As my OAC (Grade 13) World Issues teacher Mr. Curtis says:


The problem isn't about the lack of resources. It's about the lack of equal distribution of those resources.


Women in Japan, Germany, Portugal, and Spain are intentionally choosing not to have children. And governments are scrambling to reverse the trend. I'll explain this further in a future article.


Ford and NASA scientists continue with their visual analysis and show images of deforestation in developing countries like Indonesia due to palm oil (an ingredient in processed foods and personal care products). Ford takes a flight to Indonesia to find out more. And this is where I have a problem.


A celebrity going to a developing nation to tell their government what they should or shouldn't be doing is akin to WE colonization. The fact that Ford is white and rich only hurts his cause.


Back in Texas, Cheadle talks with a rancher in New Mexico about the lack of rain. Again, the solution is desalinated ocean water. It'll take time and money to build the infrastructure throughout the entire state or country, but in the end it'll be worth it.


Cheadle arrives in Texas and visits an unemployed Cargill worker. They talk about the past good times of full-time work and financial security...and then the drought and unemployment. Cheadle shows Christian churches throughout Plainview, Texas along with sound bites of locals talking about the Christian god and cycles of nature (instead of man-made climate change).


Back in Syria, Friedman talks with a Syrian refugee about the past droughts. Unfortunately this is all garbage. The Middle East is pretty much oil, sand, and drought. In the past they dig for water, only to find the fortune/curse of oil. Middle Eastern governments are very much aware of the lack of rain and groundwater. Instead of bitching about their circumstances, most of them take action. They build infrastructure for desalinated ocean water.


Syria is connected to the Atlantic Ocean via the Mediterranean Sea. While the Strait of Gibraltar is only 14.3 km, building infrastructure for desalinated ocean water is quite possible.


Friedman then talks with former National Security Advisor Susan Rice. She says that:


Climate Change is now well understood to be a major national security issue.


That's nonsense. Again, most major grocery stores in WEcountries are fully stocked with food. No one is running out of food because of a lack of supply. When/if most of the major grocery stores are empty, then you can say that it's a major national security issue.


Applying climate change as a national security issue relative to developing nations is disingenuous. Developing nations have the label of developing because there's a lack of major infrastructure, too much corruption, and mass poverty.


Planting crops in developing nations isn't rocket science. Like developed nations, the major ingredients are sunlight, water, and rich soil. The Middle East has lots of sun. Water will have to come from desalinated ocean water. And rich soil can come via imports or making their own. Sustainable agriculture isn't rocket science. You just need vision and the will to implement that vision.


Friedman says:


If a drought is bad enough, it can help push an already stressed society to the breaking point.


And I agree. A drought can be the last straw that breaks the camel's back. But the real problems exist long before the drought. The real underlying problems are the cause. Climate change is an influence, not a cause. Confusing the two usually leads to ideological junk science (see Philosophy Reborn Part I: Purpose & Part III: Science).


And just in case you're wondering, no, droughts are not caused by man-made climate change. Droughts have been happening for thousands of years. While the advent of the industrial revolution can influence a naturally occurring phenomenon, it doesn't cause it.


I don't think we'll ever fully understand why weather/climate is the way it is, how it changes, and why it changes. WE scientists and liberals that believe that the mystery is solved are deluding themselves.


Not once do any of the participants in the documentary mention desalinated ocean water as a solution to drought. That's not accidental. That's intentional. Or, if that's going too far, then all of the participants including the creators of the documentary are incompetent.


And now we move back to Ford in Sumatra, Indonesia and the burning of forests for palm trees. I agree that the creation of palm oil is a problem. But that's due to WE demand for palm oil in almost every processed food and personal care product.


I don't see Ford coming down hard on WE people, government, or industry for the use of palm oil. Instead, he comes down hard on the supply side, not the demand side. That's not accidental. That's intentional.


The people of Indonesia want their government (the minister) to sign over the land for conversation. Ford wants to take the issue to the Indonesian minister. Ford explains that the minister is looking for a bribe from the people (queue the background edgy suspense music).


The Indonesian government, like many developing nations, has a foundation in corruption. Very little change can occur in a WE false democratic corrupt government, let alone a developing one.


Back in Texas, Cheadle talks more about the drought with Katharine Hayhoe (a climate scientist). She says more or less...we're f*cked if we continue in a carbon intensive lifestyle.


Back in Syria, Friedman talks to locals about the dry land and the inability to grow anything. Drought in the Middle East and around the world is a natural occurrence. Claiming that it's due to man-made climate change is disingenuous and ideological junk science.


Just because a local family has never seen drought in one area doesn't mean that man-made climate change is the cause. It's up to local and federal authorities to build the infrastructure for desalinated water. Of course, building that infrastructure during a civil war is not feasible.


Back in Texas, Cheadle talks with people on hard times, down on their rent due to plant closures which is supposedly due to man-made climate change. Don Cheadle's net worth is about $35 million (USD) [82]. Harrison Ford's net worth is about $230 million (USD) [83]. I don't see Hollywood creating a billion dollar fund for people displaced because of man-made climate change.


Hilariously, Cheadle laments the fact that people accept the science of pharmaceutical drugs and technological innovations but not man-made climate change. The science of electricity is not rocket science. It's falsifiable and well understood.


The science of pharmaceutical drugs on the other hand is ideological and based on industry funding and WE scientists willing to bend science for profit and ideology. The theory that carbon dioxide and methane will lead to the destruction of the planet is not a falsifiable theory. It's just an unfalsifiable ideological interpretation.


In the past, eugenics, marijuana prohibition, and women's lower intelligence are all seen as objective science and taught in school textbooks. Today, it's reinterpreted as ideological junk science (with a few holdouts of course).


Later on, Cheadle talks about the disconnect between the message and the messenger. Yes, that's something that mainstream media outlets, industry, and government have known for decades. We have to package it into something that we can sell. And all three groups are experts in such manipulation.


And finally, we go back to Syria with Friedman and talk about the economic repercussions of the drought. Here's an idea. Create an ethical government that will build water desalination infrasuture throughout the country. Again, expecting Mother Nature to provide for your every whim and need is asking too much.


Friedman ends with:

More droughts may mean more people displaced. More lives uprooted. Perhaps more war.


Umm...the drought in California lasts for 4 years. There's no war and displacement there. Why not? Because they live in the US. They live in a country that has rules, regulations, and laws. Contrary to what you may believe, man-made climate change doesn't cause war. Those that believe that it does are living in their bubble wrapped ideologies.




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