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Season 1, Part 2 - End of the Woods

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By: Shawn Alli
Posted: April 18, 2017

Years of Living Dangerously Series Season 1, Part 2 – End of the Woods

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*Disclosure: I am a climate denier, albeit a more rational one.


*Disclosure: I am NOT funded by any oil, natural gas or coal corporations. I am NOT funded by any private interest groups (NGOs, foundations or political entities).



We begin with Arnold Schwarzenegger and the fire season in California. He laments the fact that fire season is longer and more difficult because of man-made climate change. In reality this is a technological issue. Current fire-fighting abilities are labor and cost intensive. We have no easy technological solution to putting out large fires.


But if someone creates such a technology, the drama will most likely subside. Is the world getting warmer? Yes. But a slightly longer growing season is much more helpful than no growing season at all. Yes, California's growing season never ends. But for the rest of world, most people have limited growing seasons.

And what happens when the fire season isn't as bad as the previous year? Nothing. Liberal media outlets stay silent. But when the next bad year occurs, all you hear from liberal media outlets is that this is unprecedented compared to last season.


This is the same garbage that meteorologists, liberals, scientists, and climate change believers say when a natural disaster occurs. That's not accidental. That's intentional. Why? Because climate change believers need to use fear in order to motivate you. And mainstream media outlets, governments, and industry are expects at using fear to initiate new policies and actions.


The fear mongering claims are the same as Part 1. We've never seen this kind of drought before. In part 2 it's we've never seen this kind of fire season before. Suck it up and deal with it. How? For droughts, the solution is water desalination. For forest fires, a technological solution doesn't yet exist, but a precautionary solution is to not smoke in the forests. Cigarettes are the initial cause of most forest fires. [1] [2] [3]


But I don't hear Schwarzenegger or the other firefighters advocating a ban on smoking in forests. Nor do I see a ban on smoking in general. That's not accidental. That's intentional. Why? Tax revenue (see introduction of Philosophy Reborn Part V: Naturally Unhealthy Big Gov't, Big Ag, Big Industry).


In regards to natural fires, Mother Nature has her own reasons. Nature usually has a better understanding of the Earth than any human on it and reacts accordingly. Just because we don't understand or like the reaction doesn't mean that it's not necessary or that it happens without a reason. At our current level of development, humans are not in a position to ascertain that reason.


And just in case it's not apparent, new trees will grow back after a forest fire, either naturally or via human planting. While the directors show images of a lack of growth from past forest fires, humans can easily change that. But they don't. Climate change believers intentionally let it be so they can call it a catastrophe. And Hollywood doesn't intervene either. Why? Because the directors and Hollywood actors aren't selling you human ingenuity. They're selling you an apocalypse due to man-made climate change.


Back in Indonesia, Ford sees animals displaced because of palm oil deforestation. This is not a climate change problem. This is a government/industry problem. If Ford wants to change this, he can join Greenpeace or advocate for the prohibition of palm oil in processed junk food and personal care products. Or, he could retire from acting and advocate for political reform in developing nations full-time. But in reality, after the documentary, he goes back to his life of luxury in Hollywood.


Greenpeace is another issue. While their campaigns against Big Industry are understandable, shaming corrupt governments and industry in developing countries is a band-aid solution. Greenpeace needs a larger vision in order to enable significant change. Otherwise, it will just be oh it's Greenpeace.Whatever.


Ford then talks to conservationists about the shooting of orangutan mothers. The shooting of orangutan mothers in potential palm oil area is a political issue. It's not a climate change issue. The shooting occurs under a corrupt local, district, provincial, and federal framework via industry funding.


Unless there's significant change at the political level in Indonesia, nothing will change. And even if it does, industry and WE governments will most likely install/fund a politician who is beneficial to them. Remember, WE governments thrive on the exploitation of land, cheap labor, and lax regulations of developing nations (see Part 1 – Dry  Season).


Using emotional animal clips to put a face on an issue is manipulative. It doesn't mean anything as long as corrupt governments and industry are dominant. Blaming man-made climate change for all of this is disingenuous.


Finally, Ford gets to meet the Indonesian Minister of Forestry. I always enjoy seeing white foreigners giving developing government officials a hard time. Well done Hollywood.


And then we move to the emotional sound bites of firefighters dying in Arizona to put out a forest fire. While tragic, this is due to a lack of technological innovation, not man-made climate change.


And then we move to mountain pine beetles. And yes, they're a real problem. But this is a natural phenomenon. This is the downside of a warmer climate and no cold winter to kill them. Humans will just have to create new safer methods of eliminating mountain pine beetles. [4]


Again, all of those dead trees in the documentary are left alone. I don't mean a few dead trees here and there. I mean entire forests of dead trees are left alone. What's the solution? Cut them down, do a controlled burn, and replant the trees. Don't leave dead trees standing just so you can cry about. It's nonsensical to cry over spoiled milk when you can easily throw it out and buy a new bag/jug of it. But the directors and Hollywood actors are not cutting them down and replanting new ones. Why not? Because that's not what they're selling. They're selling a carbon apocalypse via man-made climate change.


One former hot shot firefighter says that we can lose almost 50% of the forest. Umm...what? Instead of the images of dead trees (queue the sad violin background music) we can replant them. To be fair, cutting down all of those trees and replanting new ones is quite labor and cost intensive.


Again, this is another opportunity for genius entrepreneurs. Instead of creating ecstasy, toxic pesticides, and drugs to make your dick harder, it would be nice if entrepreneurs, scientists, and engineers spend time in creating what's necessary, not what's optional.


Ford ends with a speech:

...or we'll have no place to live. Our kids will have no place to live.


I'm sorry but I'm going to have to call garbage on this one. In the past, environmentalists use the fear of overpopulation to change policies. Today, it's man-made climate change fear mongering. Climate change will kill all of us and your future children. In reality, a warmer world is better for most people and the Earth. But if climate change believers don't believe that, they can:

Live in energy efficient condos

Buy/use electric cars exclusively

And change to a vegan (not vegetarian) diet.


If all the millions of climate change believers can do that, I'll listen to their argument. Until that happens, the climate change movement will remain as a climate change cult in my eyes using disingenuous fear mongering to change policies and habits.


And you needn't worry about where people in Hollywood are going to live. Their multibillion dollar industry will enable them to have a home for countless generations (on the Earth or in space colonies in the future).




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