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Part 7 of 9:

Season 1, Part 7 - Revolt, Rebuild, Renew

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Part 7 of 9: Season 1, Part 7 – Revolt, Rebuild, Renew
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By: Shawn Alli
Posted: April 18, 2017

Years of Living Dangerously Series Season 1, Part 7 - Revolt, Rebuild, Renew

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*Disclosure: I am a climate denier, albeit a more rational one.


*Disclosure: I am NOT funded by any oil, natural gas or coal corporations. I am NOT funded by any private interest groups (NGOs, foundations or political entities).



We start off with Jessica Alba's advocacy of the Climate Corps organization (people working to make businesses more efficient and environmentally friendly). I have no problem with that. But if it costs $1 million to save $1000.00, reality will usually win out in the end.


But making businesses more efficient isn't really battling climate change. It's just good public relations. In theory, all corporate buildings should already be operating at a high level of efficiency. Choosing to operate at a lower one is usually due to ignorance, arrogance, or lack of ethics. Tweaking efficiency is good. But it has no significant effect in the battle against man-made climate change. Only the illusion of a significant effect.


It's like leaving the faucet on when you're brushing your teeth in a city house. Is the water going to run out for those few minutes? No. Are you hurting the environment? No. Are animals being affected in a negative manner in those few minutes? No. Does the fate of the planet hang in the balance because you intentionally leave the water running while you brush your teeth? No.


But the climate change movement wants you to believe that such actions are harming the planet. In the end, this isn't about science. It's about spreading a popular liberal ideological flavor. And when that flavor runs its course, a new one will come into existence to replace it.


MSNBC's Chris Hayes is kind enough to grace us with his presence yet again in regards to Hurricane Sandy. He claims that the loss of electrical power in the outer areas of New York City is an effect from man-made climate change. Queue the emotional personal stories of hardship with somber background music.


In reality, the problem isn't hurricane season or man-made climate change. The real problem is the incompetence of city officials in creating an electrical grid to handle hurricane season. Like massive flooding, the problem isn't man-made climate change. It's a lack of proper drainage. Loss of electrical power isn't a man-made climate change issue. It's just poor city planning.


NYT journalist Mike Friedman is also kind enough to talk to us about the drought in Syria and how it causes the Syrian war. Yawn. In reality, the drought is merely an influence, not the cause of the Syrian war. Again, all Middle Eastern governments should already be using desalinated water and building the infrastructure for their cities.


Oddly enough, Friedman focuses on the shortage of bread in Syria and it's cultural value. Contrary to what you may believe, bread is a processed food with no significant amount of nutrition (see Philosophy Reborn Part IV: Naturally Unhealthy Big Pharma & Big Media). The people of Syria would be better off eating any whole food product.


Getting back to Climate Corp fellows, it's ironic that one of them goes to a corporation in Las Vegas to improve efficiency. Aside from Hollywood, Las Vegas is the poster child for excess. They're just participating in the program because it's good PR.


I love that Chris Hayes goes to a poor black home to investigate the effects of man-made climate change and empathize with their dire financial situation. Perhaps he can help out with his estimated $6 million (USD) salary at MSNBC. [1] [2] Yes, there's nothing better to see than rich white privilege pointing out the problems that visible minorities are facing. Well done.


The fact that the US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) doesn't have enough room for displaced families is not a man-made climate change issue. It's just poor planning by FEMA. Hopefully, someone gets fired for that, but I doubt it.


Friedman talks to Myles R. Allen (a climate scientist) and he asks Friedman to roll a loaded dice to demonstrate the risk of man-made climate change. He rolls numerous 6s. Allen says:


 There's a strong link between rising temperatures and heat waves.


Really? So a lack of heat waves and cold weather disproves the link? Nope. They merely change the name from global warming to climate change. Whether it's too hot or too cold, it doesn't matter. In the mind of climate change believers it's all due to man-made climate change. When you can't prove a theory wrong, that's called unfalsifiable ideological junk science.


Allen goes on to say:


And we can work out how much the dice is loaded. With a computer you can ask what would the world have been like if we hadn’t raised greenhouse gas levels. In theory yes. In reality no. Why not? Because it's an unknown future with too many unknown variables affecting weather/climate. No risk models can ever take into account the infinite amount of variables that change weather. Even the slightest change can cause massive changes to the overall local and global weather patterns. And just in case it's not apparent, none of these climate risk models are falsifiable. They'll prove whatever scientists want them to prove (see Philosophy Reborn Part III: Science).


Friedman shows a 100 year model of temperature increases throughout the world and postulates a 9 degree increase in global temperatures. Apparently, this leads to lower crop yields., the model isn't falsifiable. And two, crops tend to be much smarter than humans in terms of growth. With many crops having more coding DNA than humans and billions of years of more evolution, generally speaking, crops know how to deal with gradual rising temperatures (as long as you water them of course).


The fact that wheat represents 30% of the Egyptian caloric intake shows how badly Egyptians are eating. But it's not the cause of the Egyptian uprisings. It's merely an influence. But that influence is also due to the fact that many Middle Eastern governments import most of their food products. They can grow it themselves. They choose not to. That's on them, not on man-made climate change.




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